Doodle Jump Adventures (3DS, DS)

DOODLE_BOXOne of the more prolific tablet games out there is Doodle Jump. It’s right on up there with Angry Birds and Candy Crush. And now Doodle Jump is hopping its way to Nintendo’s portable handheld consoles (3DS version reviewed here).

I’m not sure how the DS version works, but the 3DS one uses the motion sensor capabilities to control your character just like on tablets and smartphones. You maneuver a continuously hopping critter. Not sure what he is, but he reminds me of Q*bert. Tilt the 3DS left and right as it hops to make it land on platforms to bounce higher and higher. Don’t fall or you’ll have to start over at the last checkpoint. Be wary of disappearing floors, collapsing platforms, and enemies. You can shoot enemies with your long nose or hop on top of them to defeat them. Collect items like springs and jetpacks to give you a boost and help you reach the goal faster. Complete levels as fast as you can to earn up to three stars per stage.

The 3DS version has an adventure mode with numerous stages to tackle. And when you beat all those (not an easy task), you unlock an endless mode. I was really surprised how well the play control was with tilting the 3DS, as most motion controlled games I’ve played on the system don’t work as well. Doodle Jump Adventures may be too hard for its own good, but it is still a fun little distraction if you don’t have a tablet or smartphone to play it on. Me, personally, however, I prefer the Pac-Man and classic Namco themed imitator: Pac N Jump.


Kid Factor:

Doodle Jump Adventures is rated E for Everyone with an ESRB descriptor of Mild Cartoon Violence. You can shoot and hop on alien creatures that look like cartoon doodles, but they just disappear when defeated. If you fall or get hit, you just see stars above your hopping hero’s head. Reading skill is helpful for the menus and instructions, but the game is pretty easy to figure out just by playing. Younger players might get frustrated, though, as the levels get tough pretty fast, and some are a bit too long, too.

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