Edge (Wii U)

EDGE_BOXEdge is a simplistic puzzle game where you control a box and move it around cubic levels as fast as you can without falling off. Kind of like a more angular Marble Madness. Along the way, collect smaller rainbow cubes scattered about the levels to increase your rating. Make it to the goal with a fast time and with all the small cubes to get the best rating. Edge was developed by Two Tribes, makers of Toki Tori and its sequel. Originally a PC and Steam game, now you can download this classic on Wii U at a low price.

The Wii U version of Edge has dozens and dozens of levels spread across three categories: Normal, Challenge, and Bonus. Not sure what the difference is. Your cube can go up one square higher than itself, but you have to have enough room to rotate your corners. So if you have squares to the left and right of the cube, you won’t be able to move up on the left and right sides. Another unique aspect of Edge, and probably how it got its name, is that as your cube climbs up the side of another cube, you can make it ‘hold’ onto the edge of the corner if you have a light touch on the control stick. You can even do this to hold onto moving squares, letting you reach places you normally wouldn’t even think you could reach. But it’s a tough trick and takes a bit of finesse. If you can get past the tough controls and simplistic appearance, Edge provides plenty of puzzles and challenge at a decent price.


Kid Factor:

The game is so abstract that there is nothing objectionable or violent in it. Reading skill is helpful for some of the menu navigation, but otherwise, the game is easy to figure out just by playing. Younger players may have trouble wrapping their heads around the more difficult levels, and the steady hands needed to control the game precisely. Edge is rated E for Everyone.

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