Ski Safari Adventure Time (iPad)

SKI_BOXGet ready for an avalanche of adventure with Ski Safari Adventure Time! This downloadable game, available on the App Store and Google Play (reviewed on iPad here), takes the existing fun of the original Ski Safari title and adds a huge helping of Adventure Time characters and humor from Cartoon Network’s hit show. And it’s pretty fun and addicting, too!

In the game you play as Finn, who must ski down a slope while avoiding an approaching avalanche. The game is 2-D in nature, and reminds me of the skiing parts of games like Yoshi’s Island. As you slide down the hill, tap on the screen to jump over rocks and other obstacles. While airborne, you can press and hold on the touch screen to do flips. If you can land properly after doing tricks, you’ll get a speed boost.

Every so often you may run across another character or critter from the show trying to escape the avalanche, too. If you can hitch a ride on them, you’ll be granted special abilities. Ride on Jake the dog like a sled and pick up passengers to help you take extra hits. Some characters you can ride on make you go faster or do tricks quicker. And flying characters like Marceline or Lady Rainicorn let you soar in the sky for a limited time.

Along the way, you can pick up coins which you can use at the shop after your game is over. Here you can upgrade critters you ride on, or buy special items and even new stages. You start off skiing in the Candy Kingdom, but can unlock worlds like the Ice King’s land as well. By completing mini-missions and requirements in-game, you can level up which increases your score multiplier.

The game has a couple of nitpicky bugs, like it won’t register the daily challenge the first time you play each day, and sometimes two Jakes can appear on-screen, which doesn’t make any sense. But those aren’t really important problems or anything. Ski Safari Adventure Time is a surprisingly fun and addictive little game, and at only 99 cents, makes a great virtual stocking stuffer this Christmas, too.


Kid Factor:

Even though you ride on hapless creatures, crash into rocks, and eventually get caught in an avalanche, the violence is only minimal and very cartoony. If you’re OK with your kids watching the TV show, they’ll be OK with the game, too. Reading skill is useful for some of the text help and shop, but the single touch gameplay is easy to figure out otherwise. Cartoon Network does a good job of keeping their in-game transactions safe and kid-friendly, too.

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  1. Looks like simple fun.

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