Rush (Wii U)

RUSH_BOXRush is a simple puzzle game out now for Wii U downloadable on the Nintendo eShop. It’s made by Two Tribes, who were also responsible for other great puzzlers like Toki Tori 2 and its sequel. The unique thing about Rush is that it uses only the Wii U touch screen controller. You don’t even need the TV!

In the game, colored cubes will roll from certain locations and won’t stop until they fall off the edge of the level. Your job is to keep them from falling or blocking the way by placing special tiles that will tell the cubes where to go. Drag and drop these tiles on the level using the touch screen. You can also use the control stick to move the camera around so you can view more of the level. These tiles include directional arrows, conveyor belts, and more. The neat thing is that as you move the level around, the arrows you have left will also change accordingly, so things won’t get too confusing.

Once you have your tiles all set, you can tap the green check mark button to tell the cubes to go. If all the cubes make it to their exits safely, you pass the level. You can also get hints if you become stuck. The game includes tons of levels, even super hard bonus stages, and the price is right at around a couple of bucks to download. If you enjoy puzzle games like Lemmings or Chu Chu Rocket, you’ll enjoy Rush on Wii U, too.


Kid Factor:

Because of the abstract graphics, there is no violence or objectionable material here. Reading skill is helpful for the instructions, and the tougher levels may frustrate younger gamers. But since it is a puzzle game, it could be considered educational since it teaches logic and planning skills. Rush is rated E for Everyone.

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