Atomic Fusion: Particle Collider (iPad)

ATOMIC_BOXThis unique game combines gameplay elements from favorites like Ikaruga with aesthetics found in titles like Geometry Wars. It’s available for download on Android and iOS devices, but reviewed on iPad here.

Each stage is based on an element from the Periodic Table we all had to learn about in school. In the game, you control an atom by moving your thumb around the touch screen. Waves of blue and orange energy fill the playfield, and you must tap the screen with your other thumb to change the color of your atom. If your atom is the same color as a wave of energy, you can pass through and absorb it to fill up a meter. But if you hit the wave and you’re the opposite color, you’ll lose energy! When your meter is full, you can move on to the next element in the Periodic Table, and each stage gets more frantic. But if you lose all your energy, it’s Game Over.

Sometimes, little electrons will fly by. Collect enough of them and you can tap a circle in the top left corner to unleash a blast that can clear out waves of energy. Useful for when the screen gets too full of energy waves. Aside from the hectic gameplay, the thumping soundtrack also makes me think of titles like Geometry Wars. Unfortunately, my time was cut short with the game because apparently my review copy was just a demo, as it asked for me to buy the rest of the game after the tenth stage (Neon). But if you enjoy games like Ikaruga or Geometry Wars, you may want to try this one out anyway.


Kid Factor:

Nothing violent here. Reading skill is helpful for the text instructions, but with a little help, anyone can figure out how to play. Younger gamers may get frustrated with the higher difficulty, though. The game could almost be considered educational, however, as you select your stage by tapping on an element from the Periodic Table, and they give an interesting fact about each element.

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