Kid Aviator (iPad)

KID_BOXStep right up, folks, to the latest sideshow circus sensation. Be amazed as a boy is shot out of a cannon, and keep him away from obstacles in this endless flying game, downloadable for Android and iOS devices (iPad version reviewed here).

When you tap Play, the boy is shot out of a cannon, and you can tilt the device left and right to steer him. But most of the obstacles are too big for him to fly around, so you must use your finger to drag objects like anvils, cows, and ducks out the boy’s flight path. Some items you must tap a few times to break them, like bottles and piñatas. And power-ups like shields and slowdown icons you must drag toward the boy for him to collect. The different objects are highlighted with a certain color, so it’s easy to tell what you’re supposed to do with them. Try to fly as high as you get to get the best score. You can even earn medals by completing certain objectives. The game is simple to learn, but feels a bit amateurish. It’s decent, but not great.


Kid Factor:

The game’s cutout graphics negate a lot of the violence. If your daredevil gets hit by an obstacle, he just spins around and falls down. On the Game Over screen, the kid aviator has a black eye and bandages, but he still looks pretty happy! Reading skill is helpful for the instructions, but not needed as the game is pretty easy to figure out just by playing. Younger players might get frustrated at the higher difficulty and bored with the simplistic gameplay, though.

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