Tiny Brains (PS3, PS4)

TINY_BOXA mad scientist has created four lab animals with super powers, and now you must help the little critters use teamwork and their abilities to escape the doctor’s wrath! Originally a downloadable launch title for the PS4, now you can play Tiny Brains on the PS3 as well (which is the platform this review is based on). Tiny Brains is a co-op puzzle game for up to four players.

Take control of one of four different neon-colored rodent-type critters (rabbits, hamsters, rats, etc.) as you solve puzzles and avoid obstacles and enemies in each area. The four characters have specific powers. One can create ice blocks, handy for flipping floor switches and when you need a stepstool. Another one can teleport and switch places with other objects. The remaining two have magnetic powers, and one can pull things toward them while the last can repel objects away. You’ll need to use all four animals’ skills to figure out the puzzles in each level.

Up to four can play at the same time, but if you have fewer players, you’ll need to use the D-pad to switch characters. The game gets exponentially harder when you have fewer players, but luckily you can join in online, too. You can also play mini-games like Soccer as well as other goodies after you beat the game. Only problem with the game is that it gets very tough, very quickly. If you have a group over to play the game, best make sure they are all patient gamers with smart noggins and good communication skills!


Kid Factor:

Tiny Brains is rated E-10 with an ESRB descriptor of Fantasy Violence. If your critter falls into radioactive waste, sawblades, or other obstacles, they just disappear and respawn back at the last checkpoint. You can also zap and squash enemies with the lab animals’ super powers, but defeated baddies just disappear, too. Reading skill is helpful for the text instructions, but there are also picture cues, too. Because of the high level of difficulty, as well as logic and communication skills required to play, this game is best for older kid gamers anyway.

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  1. Just another game I might want to check out if ever I get a PS3.

  2. I’ve got this game and it is a lot of fun but it can be a bit tricky sometimes. Thank you for the review GamerDad.

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