Pigs Can’t Fly (iPad)

PIG_BOXAt the bacon factory, angel pigs fly up into heaven.  But one of those holy hogs accidentally bumped into an airplane and fell into a deep hole and ended up in…well, the other place.  Now the departed pig must use his newfound angel wings to fly and escape hellish obstacles in this silly little 2-D action game for iOS and Android devices (reviewed on iPad here).

Play control is simple.  On the left and right sides of the screen are wings.  Tap on them and the pig will fly up and flap in that direction.  Similar to how you control the ostriches in the classic arcade game Joust.  You have to reach a door to pass a level, and avoid obstacles along the way like spikes, seas of magma, lava spouts, flying demons, and more.  If you get hit, you have to start at the beginning.  The game records how many tries it took for you to reach the end.  Get to the door to pass the level, but sometimes you must find a key first.

Hidden in every level is a star.  They are usually in harder to reach places than normal, but sometimes not.  You’ll want to collect as many stars as you can, because that’s the only way to unlock the boss chase levels and open up new worlds.  Plus, stars unlock new skin costumes for your piggy to dress in.  It may get a little too hard for its own good in later levels, but this is still a fun little humorous action game.


Kid Factor:

I guess some families with strong religious or vegetarian beliefs may object to some of the themes of this game, but it’s all presented in a silly Looney Tunes fashion.  Violence is cartoony, too.  If you get hit, you’ll either pop like a balloon with feathers flying everywhere, burn to a crisp and fall into crumbs, or fall to a comic book SMACK word balloon.  Reading skill isn’t needed and you get unlimited tries, but younger gamers may get frustrated at the more difficult levels that require extra finesse.

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