Other Games that Would Make Good Dynasty Warriors Crossovers

SWORDKIRBYWell, Hyrule Warriors has been released, and it’s a mix up of two different game series. It combines The Legend of Zelda’s characters and settings with Dynasty Warriors’ action and gameplay.  So that got me to thinking: what other games would make good Dynasty Warriors crossovers?  Here are my top five picks.

Now, this isn’t the first time that Nintendo and Tecmo-Koei have teamed up for a game series mix up. A couple of years ago, Nintendo and Tecmo-Koei released Pokemon Conquest for the Nintendo DS.  It was a weird mix of Pokemon and a historical strategy game from Koei called Nobunaga’s Ambition.  In the game, various warlords set out to take over countries and empires, and use Pokemon to do battle!  It was funny seeing these hardened anime warriors paired with cute Jigglypuffs and Eevees.  The gameplay reminded me of Final Fantasy Tactics with Pokemon rules and aesthetics.  It was actually a pretty decent game, and while I’m not into tactical strategy RPGs, I would give this my seal of approval, especially for beginners.

So now we have Hyrule Warriors. To be honest, I haven’t played it yet because I’ve been on vacation to Disney World for a week and a half, so instead of picking it up at a store, I pre-ordered it from Amazon.  I’m actually writing this blog even before I go on my trip, so who knows if it’ll be even in the mail when I get back.  The other reason why I pre-ordered it at Amazon is a minor one.  When you pre-order your copy of Hyrule Warriors from Amazon, you get codes for costume packs from Twilight Princess.  Even though Twilight Princess was one of my least favorite Zelda titles, two of my favorite Zelda characters come from that game, so I thought having Twilight Princess Zelda would be kind of neat.  Plus Agitha is playable in that game, too, I hear.  At any rate, I’m looking forward to trying out a new kind of gameplay with this one.  Will I like it?  Who knows?  But there’s only one way to find out.  I’ll just have to dive in and give it a try!  But in the meantime, I thought of five other games that might make good Dynasty Warriors crossovers besides Zelda.  So let’s take a look!

5. Klonoa Warriors

Klonoa was originally a PSOne 2-D platformer, and was such an impactful game for me (with a surprising ending), that I oftentimes made my gamertag be Klonoa or have Klonoa in the name somehow. In the game, you play as a cat-like creature with flappy ears named Klonoa, and he inflates and picks up enemies with a giant magic ring he carries.  There was a great sequel on the PS2 as well as a couple of decent GBA games.  Some Klonoa titles never saw the light in the US, like one on the WonderSwan portable, a PSOne volleyball game, and an overhead action game called Klonoa Star Heroes.  In that game, Klonoa used his ring with a long beam of light at the end like a sword, and that how I imagine he would mow down enemies in a Dynasty Warriors crossover.  Klonoa games have a large and varied cast of characters that could act as friends in battle and fearsome enemies to defeat.  And it would sure to be a bright and colorful game, too.  Only problem is that Klonoa is not a very well-known game character.  There was a remake of the first game on the Wii, but otherwise, it looks like Klonoa may fade into obscurity, which is unfortunate.

4. Soul Calibur Warriors

Another Namco game, Soul Calibur may be a better fit for the Dynasty Warriors universe. Soul Calibur’s characters and settings certainly look more of the time period.  And the vast array of weapons each fighter wields would provide lots of attacks.  I bet they could fit massive battles into Soul Calibur’s storyline, too.  Only problem is that past ventures outside the fighting game genre did not prove too successful for Soul Calibur.  On the Wii there was Soul Calibur Legends, a 3-D hack and slash featuring Soul Calibur characters.  While I didn’t think the game was THAT bad, it certainly lacked the sheen and polish that the main fighting games had.

3. Kingdom Hearts Warriors

While I’m not a big fan of Kingdom Hearts’ meandering storyline and overuse of anime Final Fantasy characters and Organization XIII, I did like the hack and slash gameplay and tromping around Disney themed worlds. And I think that would fit perfectly in a Dynasty Warriors crossover.  In KH2, there was even a scene where you mowed down a sea of Heartless enemies.  While it mostly used graphical tricks to make it look like you were fighting more of them, I could see that happening with a Dynasty Warriors style game.  While there are plenty of Keyblade warriors that you could choose from (I’d pick Aqua), I’d also like to see them use more Disney characters and settings as much as possible.

2. Final Fantasy Warriors

One of my favorite games on the PSP was Dissidia Final Fantasy. It was a fighting game featuring various heroes and villains from the Final Fantasy series.  But instead of making it a copy of a Capcom or SNK fighter, Square made this game their own with unique gameplay that was like a mix between Kingdom Hearts and DBZ brawlers.  I’d like to see them do that with Dynasty Warriors gameplay, too.  How fun would it be to have Terra from FF6 mow down hordes of baddies with her powerful magic spells?  And speaking of Square-Enix, I imagine a Dragon Quest Dynasty Warriors crossover would work well, too.  It would be neat to see Akira Toriyama’s monster designs ‘En masse’ at least.  Actually I hear they are making a Dragon Quest action game that looks quite a bit like Hyrule Warriors.  But if they really did make a crossover, would they call it Dragon Quest Warriors, or go for redundancy and use the original US title and call it Dragon Warrior Warriors!  OK now I’m just being silly!

1. Kirby Warriors

When Hyrule Warriors was first announced, I imagined a funny scenario where Nintendo execs were discussing ideas in a room together. “How can we get Cary to try a Dynasty Warriors game?”  “Let’s put Kirby in it!”  “Good idea, but let’s make a Zelda Dynasty Warriors game instead.  It’ll sell better, and Cary will still try it anyway, he likes Zelda games, too.”  But I can’t help but think that with Kirby’s vast array of copy abilities and attacks, he’d also be a good Dynasty Warrior, too, mowing down waves of Waddle Dees or Dark Matter’s minions.  Kirby also has plenty of friends that could battle along with him, like MetaKnight and King Dedede.  And like my Klonoa idea, the game would certainly be nice and colorful!


And those are my ideas! In the comments section, let me know what you think of my ideas, and share with me your own Dynasty Warriors crossovers.  Hopefully I’ll get to try Hyrule Warriors soon and formulate my own opinion on it.  Maybe even later on I could write a blog about the characters in the game or something?  Next time on my blog, though, I plan on telling you all about what I did on my Disney World trip!  Later!  –Cary

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