Fancy Cats (iOS, Amazon, Google Play)

FANCY_BOXIf you enjoy feeding and dressing up virtual pet cats by playing a match-three puzzle game, then Fancy Cats is for you!  It’s a free-to-play mobile title (reviewed on iPad here).  There are two parts to this game.  You keep your cats in a garden where you can dress and feed them with various items you’ve earned by playing match-three puzzle missions in the square.

In the square area, you can play up to five match-three puzzle missions.  The gameplay is pretty much like any other game of this ilk, so if you’ve played Bejeweled or Candy Crush or its many clones, you’ll know what to expect here.  In each playfield are boxes that have gifts that you must open, either by letting them drop to the bottom, or matching colors around them.  Other times you must match fish that are the same color as the tiles.  Winning will net you clothes to dress your cats, coins or jewels to buy items, or fish and other food to feed them.  Earn stars to level up, although I’m not sure what good that does.  After you’ve finished your missions, you’ll have to wait to get more, but it doesn’t take that long.  You can also view ads to get new missions right away.

In the garden you can play with your cats.  Drag and drop to dress them in outfits.  You can also feed them if they’re hungry, and they’ll give you some coins in return.  They’ll also level up, enabling them to wear new garments.  Give them treats and they’ll do silly things.  Use the coins and jewels that you earn to buy new items and clothes for your cats.  You can also buy new cats and areas for them to live, but those cost so much coins and jewels that it would take forever to earn the needed cash just by playing.  But that’s the nature of free-to-play games.  Unless you just really like playing dress up with fictional feline furballs, this match-three clone really doesn’t have anything new to offer players.


Kid Factor:

Nothing objectionable or violent here.  Reading skill is helpful for some of the instructional text, but not necessary as most everything has picture cues and it’s pretty easy to figure out how to play.  Parental supervision is recommended for the in-game ads and purchases, though.

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