Pokémon Visual Companion: 2nd Edition (Book)

POKEMON1With the popularity of the mobile game Pokémon Go, recently released Pokémon Sun and Moon on the 3DS, and a new series of the anime cartoon soon to be airing on Disney XD, Pokémon is bigger than ever.  So if you have a young fan of the Pokémon cartoon around the house, you may want to check out this nice hardcover book!  It chronicles the adventures of Ash and his friends in the cartoon, as well as which Pokémon they’ve caught and battled, what gear they use, who they’ve met and where they’ve been.

Here is a larger shot of the front cover of the book:


Actually this book is a reprint of an older one.  In fact, I reviewed it about three years ago.  I’m going to post a link here of that review, as most of the pages from this book are exactly the same as that one.  No sense in writing the same stuff twice.



So what is new in this book?  It is a big thicker than the original.  Well, they added a section about Ash and friends’ adventures in the Kalos region, based on the most recent season of the cartoon and Pokémon X/Y games.



And just like the last book, the final page is dedicated to the life lessons learned in the cartoon, which is pretty cool.


Some may complain that this book is nearly exactly the same as the one before it, but I’m not going to gripe about it.  The first book came out three years ago, and now there is a new generation of kids who can enjoy this one, so it’s all new to them.  It’s kind of like the Pokémon games.  They have remained relatively unchanged since the first one, and while I wish they would change up the formula a little, for each new generation of games is a new generation of kids to enjoy them, and it’s all new for them.  And why fix what isn’t broken, right?

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