Nyko Peripherals (PS4)

Sometimes the tangle of wires coming out of your game system is just a pain in the neck. If you want to simplify your setup, Nyko has several options to make your gaming gear easier to store and charge. The Charge Block serves as a drop and forget controller rest and charger while the SpeakerCom is a cheap and easy way to play without needing a headset and mic.


The Charge Block is a combination of a little plug that fits right into the controller miniUSB charge port and a charging station. The little plug provides a point of contact on the bottom of the controller. This plug then fits right into the top of a Charge Block. This makes the Charge Block an excellent controller storage point as it charges at the same time. I wasn’t sure if I liked the dongle as it slightly disturbs the smooth look of the bottom of the controller. However, I’ve realized that it doesn’t matter because I never look at the bottom anyway.

I’ve been using the Charge Block Solo for months now and have yet to have any issues with the Charge Block. My main complaint would simply be that I have four controllers and only one charger. My PS4 isn’t under constant use so I simply have to rotate through controllers whenever we finish up gaming. The LED lights on the unit flash when it is charging and become solid white when charging is finished.

I like the Charge Block well enough to order a second one (my first one was supplied for review.) I plan to use it for both the charging feature, and a nice way to store two controllers when I’m not playing. The Charge Block comes as one or two units and additional units can added in a chain. Simply remove the front panel and a new charger unit can be plugged into the front. Note that if you want to daisy chain more than two chargers in a row, you will need to be using a USB 3.0 port. A wall power adapter and USB cable are also included you don’t necessarily need to run the charger through your PS4.

I find the charging unit a great multitasker to hold my controllers and recharge them at the same time. It isn’t difficult to swap out the little charging adaptors at the bottom of the controllers, but since I’m extremely lazy it would be nice to simply have an adaptor for each of my controllers (they can be bought separately in two-packs.) As I mentioned, I just bought a second charge block to add to my first. I fully expect that two charge stations will be more than enough to keep all four of my controllers going.



I also had a chance to look at the SpeakerCom for the PS4. This is a microphone/speaker combination that snaps into place in between the “arms” of the PS4. It has an omnidirectional mic as well as a small speaker right in the unit. A push to talk button in the middle can be used when gamers don’t want all their noise broadcast onto the system.

At first glance, I was worried this large insertion into the controller would get in the way. While I agree the aesthetics may not be all that great (the lines are fine, but somehow adding into the middle of the controller makes the whole thing look a bit more boxy…) However, I found that my hands stay almost completely on the outside edges of the controller such that I can’t really tell (without looking or adjusting my grip) if the SpeakerCom is connected to the controller.

Functionally, SpeakerCom does a fine job accomplishing its purpose. Sounds transmit and broadcast just fine. The unit has two advantages. First, unless one has a very pricey headset, it may become comfortable over a long period of game play. Sticking the mic and voice onto the controller gives a more comfortable play. Of course, your voice conversations then become public. This is an advantage or an inconvenience, depending on whether you want the conversations to be audible to the rest of the people in the room.

The SpeakerCom isn’t going to be providing you with the maximum sound fidelity, and it may make the controller look a little bit clunky. However, it does its job, is inexpensive, and I certainly appreciate not having to wear headphones when I play with friends.

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