Cary’s E3 2017 Notes

So another Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3 for short), one of the biggest video game trade shows, has come to a close.  And yet again, I didn’t get to go this year.  But that won’t stop me from writing about it!  So here’s my takeaway points from this year’s E3.

But first I’ll complain a little bit about me not being able to go again this year.  Not even four or five years or so, I was always able to request a press pass into E3 and get approved just fine.  And I’ve been doing that since like, 1996.  But lately I’ve been denied a press pass, and their reason is that the numbers for the GamerDad web site are too small. Now, I’m glad they’re picky about who they let in so that anyone can’t just poop out a web site and get in.  But they expect you to have like, 100,000 hits per month, which is ridiculous.  I think they should also base things on experience, too.  I know they have me in their records, and I’ve been reviewing games longer than most of these snot-nosed YouTubers were in diapers.  Even worse, I’ve heard E3 was open to the public this year, which I totally disagree with.  E3 is a trade show.  There are plenty of other shows like PAX that are getting just as good as E3 that the public can go to.  I’ve read that because E3 was open to the public this year that the crowds were horrible.  So maybe it’s good I didn’t go.  But I’m still going to register for an E3 press pass every year, because I’m that stubborn (and it actually helps me make and keep PR contacts).  It just baffles me that I can request and review pretty much any game I want, even from big companies like SEGA, Capcom, and Nintendo, but I can’t get into E3 anymore.

Anyway, let’s get on to this year’s E3 stuff.  Before we start, I’d like to warn you that this may be a bit Nintendo-centric, but please don’t call me a fanboy or anything.  Sony and Microsoft had a lot of cool stuff, it’s just that none of it was my cup of tea.  And while I am a big Nintendo fan, currently at this moment, I actually prefer playing games on my PS4 over my Switch, if you can believe that.  It may not be that way in the future, but that’s how it is now.  Also, while I tried to get most of my info from press releases that companies sent me, I did glean some other info from Nintendo videos and others like GameXplain.  Just have to give credit where credit is due, you know?


So Nintendo really had most of the stuff I’m interested in.  They showed off a lot of ARMS and Splatoon 2.  I’ll probably get Splatoon 2 right away, since the first one was my Game of the Year in 2015.  But I may wait a bit on ARMS.  It looks like a fun game, but I don’t have to play it right away.  I may wait and get it for my birthday or something.  I guess they’re putting Rocket League on the Switch, too, which is good since I hear it’s very popular.  I’ve never played it, but I just might on the Switch.  Maybe.

It may be easier for me to start with the games I’m NOT interested in, like Xenoblade Chonicles 2 and Fire Emblem Warriors.  Don’t get me wrong, they look like cool games.  I just don’t have time for them.  Maybe if I didn’t have to work or sleep, and we had 50 hour days, I might have time for them.  You know what else didn’t interest me?  The Breath of the Wild DLC.  Just looked like more hard stuff to do to me.  But I did like the amiibo of the Four Champions.  Can you guess which one was my favorite?

I’m also not too interested in the Pokémon stuff, like UltraSun/Moon.  And Pokken Tournament was a GREAT game on the Wii U, but I don’t feel like I need to get it again on the Switch.  I am glad that the head guy of the Pokémon Company threw out a bone and said they are making a core Pokémon game on the Switch.  Not sure if I’ll get it, but I’m happy for the fans.  I just want Pokémon Snap 2.  Is that too much to ask?

While they did focus on mostly stuff that’s coming out in 2017, I’m glad they gave us glimpses of what’s coming in 2018.  I’m especially excited about the new Kirby game on Switch.  It looks to combine the four player aspects of Return to Dream Land, the helpers from Super Star, and combining abilities from Kirby 64.  They don’t have an official title for it yet, but I’ve come up with one: Kirby’s Return to Super Star 64.  There’s your title, Nintendo.  You’re welcome.  Actually don’t use that title, it’s horrible.  The world just seems like a better place when you know a new Kirby game is coming out.

I’m also excited for the new untitled Yoshi game that’s coming out on Switch in 2018.  It looks like a cross between Woolly World and the cardboard paper levels from Yoshi’s Story.  I really like the Yoshi titles, so I’m looking forward to this one.

Of course, the post-2017 title from Nintendo that EVERYONE is talking about is Metroid Prime 4.  I was super excited when I first saw it, too, but now I’m a bit more cautiously optimistic since I read Retro Studios is not working on it.  I just hope Nintendo doesn’t pull an Other M with it with Team Ninja (I never was a fan of them anyway).  But even though we didn’t get any gameplay footage, I’m still glad they let us know about Prime 4.  What I am just as excited about, if not even more so, is the new 2-D Metroid: Samus Returns game on 3DS.  I’m glad it’s a remake of Metroid 2, since I never played much of that one as it’s an earlier game in the series and doesn’t have an in-game map.  I’m sure the remake will.  Best of all, the game comes out this year exactly ON MY BIRTHDAY!   I also like the new amiibo to go along with those games, especially the squishy Metroid one.

Speaking of the 3DS, Nintendo hasn’t really played up a lot of their upcoming 3DS titles at E3, have they.  Other than the Metroid game and the remake of Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga + Bowser’s Minions (which I’m also looking forward to).  They did play Miitopia and showed a trailer for a puzzler called Sushi Striker (which comes out in 2018, so why announce it now?).  I just didn’t read much about Ever Oasis or Hey, Pikmin, and I’m interested in both of those because Ever Oasis was made by the same guy who did Secret of Mana, and Hey, Pikmin looks like Kirby Mass Attack.  I’m sure they were playable on the show floor at those little 3DS tables they always have.  I also didn’t read much about their downloadable indie games or Virtual Console plans.  Maybe they talked more about all that stuff in the Treehouse Live segments?  I didn’t have time to see most of those.

So finally we’ll talk about Mario.  They announced Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle before E3.  You really can’t tell what kind of game it is from the video, but I read it is turn-based.  I’ve never played a Rabbids game before, and I found the Rabbids cartoon annoying, but I’m willing to give this one a try.

But the one game that was just as exciting as Metroid Prime 4 was Super Mario Odyssey.  I like Mario games, but I’m not a HUGE Mario fan or anything.  But I will say, MAN this game looks good!  Whoever does Nintendo’s trailers deserves a raise.  They showed off the new game mechanic where you can throw your hat at enemies and become them.  So basically, Mario is Kirby now.  See, that’s just how cool Kirby is.  Other Nintendo characters, even their number one star, Mario, wants to be like Kirby!

Third Party Stuff

So for the last part of my E3 article, we’ll go over the third party games that I read about that interested me.


They’ve got two Sonic games coming out this year.  One I’ve already played and am definitely getting.  Sonic Mania looks like a 16-bit Sonic game with new levels and remixed old ones.  It plays mostly like Sonic 3, which is one of the few Sonic games I actually like, so I’m looking forward to it.  I guess SEGA finally realized their last good modern Sonic game was Sonic Generations, because in Sonic Forces, you play as both modern and classic Sonic, as well as a character you create.  I know some folks are making fun that SEGA is doing that to please the Sonic fanart DeviantArt community, but I think they’re doing it for the kids.  Kids love Sonic games, and they also love creating their own characters.  That’s why you could do just that in the last Skylanders game.


I’m not sure if Kingdom Hearts 3 was playable at E3, but I think they did have a new trailer.  Think we’ll get that game by 2019?  Another game that interested me from them that’s coming out in 2018 is The Lost Sphear, because it’s being made by the same folks who did I am Setsuna, and I loved that game.  But the game I’m most excited about is Dissida Final Fantasy NT.  It’s a creative fighting game that was originally on the PSP and features all sorts of FF characters.  It was one of my favorite games on the PSP and ever since I played it, I’ve been hoping for a big console version.  Oh yeah, and they also had a King’s Knight mobile game.  I wonder if it’s like the NES title?  Anyway, some years when I go to PAX in Seattle, Square-Enix will invite me to a private room to play some of their games.  They don’t do it every year, but I hope they do that this year so I can play some of these neat games!

NIS America

I get TONS of press releases from this company, but they rarely have any games that interest me. Until now, as they are publishing Ys XIII, the latest in the Ys series.  I hope I get to review it!


I’ve visited this company at E3 since the Dallas Morning News days, and they’ve been supportive of me for a long time, too.  They announced a new Harvest Moon game that’ll be coming to big consoles like the PS4 and Switch, which is a big deal since it’s been a long time since we’ve gotten a Harvest Moon game on something other than a handheld.  They also have a Harvest Moon game for very young kids that I played and my review of it will be up soon!  They’ve also got a slew of new River City (Kunio) games I’m looking forward to as well.  Their River City game they released last year sold pretty well, so they’re bringing more to the US!


They’re not as cool as they used to be, but Capcom usually has one or two things in the pipeline that interest me.  I’m not big into fighting games, but I’ve always liked the Marvel vs. Capcom series because they are more approachable fighters that causals can enjoy.  Plus most of my knowledge of Marvel characters comes from these games.  I hope that Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite brings back Tron Bonne, and introduces some rare Capcom characters like Zack & Wiki.  I also hope they bring back Mrs. Hulk because I liked her in the last game.  Capcom also had a trailer for Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, which has four Mega Man games that should’ve been on the first Legacy Collection.  But it has Mega Man 8 so hopefully I’ll get to review it like I did The Disney Afternoon Collection.

WB Games

I’ve developed a really good relationship with the folks who do PR for WB Games, so I’ve been able to review nearly all the LEGO game titles!  I hope I get to review LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 as well. One thing I miss about going to E3 is getting to meet all the PR professionals face to face, as I usually only communicate with them via email.

Namco Bandai

If I went to E3, I would go to their booth and ask to play the Namco Museum game that’s coming out on Switch.  And then they’d look at me like I had three heads and say, “We’ve got a new Dragon Ball Z fighting game and you’d rather play THAT?!?”  I also saw a trailer for Ni no Kuni 2.  I loved the first game, but never beat it as most modern RPGs are so bloated.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

And that’s all from E3 that interested me.  Except one last thing.  I just saw a trailer for…a new Bubsy game?!?  Of all the characters to bring back, they chose that one?  And it’s being made by Accolade?  I thought they went out of business.  Well I may have to give it a try.  Honestly I didn’t think the first Bubsy game was THAT bad.  But it wasn’t that GOOD either.

In the comments section, let me know what YOUR favorite pieces of E3 news were.  Also, if you read an E3 news story that I might’ve missed that you think I’d be interested in, please let me know as well.  I’d appreciate it.  Later!  –Cary

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  1. E3 never felt too crowded in a sense, but the lines were hecka long. I was never hungry enough to fight off the paying Expo passers so I didn’t get to play too many games. Nintendo had the most manageable booth, so I did get to play Mario Odyssey at least.

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