Bleed 2 (PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Not even six months ago I reviewed the original Bleed game, and now there’s already a sequel you can download on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC (reviewed on PS4 here).  It plays and looks nearly identical to the original, but they’ve added a few improvements and tweaks here and there.  Once again you play as the heroine from the first game who must defeat evil.  It’s a fairly unique run and gun shooter with retro graphics and sensibilities.

In the game you move left and right in 2-D space, but you jump using the R trigger button.  It’s a bit unconventional, but the reason it’s that way is because you use the right analog stick to aim and shoot in any direction.  So it’s like a twin stick shooter mixed with a 2-D platformer.  Press the jump button in midair and you can do a triple jump/dash move.  Hold down the L button to slow down time for a short while.  One new mechanic they added is you can also swing a sword by flicking the right analog stick.  You can reflect pink colored projectiles by doing this, and they use this new move in unique ways as you play.

Instead of a shop like in the first game, you get new weapons, playable characters, and cheats by defeating the game in one of four difficulty modes.  You can play through the Story, or challenge yourself with one life in Arcade Mode.  Endless Mode gives you randomly generated levels to tackle, and Challenge Mode has you fight bosses in a row.

The game may be a bit short, but it’s meant to be that way.  Kind of like a Treasure game like Gunstar Heroes.  While I couldn’t beat the first game on Easy Mode, I could beat this one.  Because of that and the new gameplay additions and improvements, I liked this one better than the first.  If you enjoyed Bleed or Treasure-like run and gun games, you should definitely check this one out.  Plus it has a neat rockin’ Mega Man X-like soundtrack.

Kid Factor:

Bleed 2 is rated T for Teen with an ESRB descriptor of Violence.  You shoot all manner of silly enemies that explode into pixels when defeated.  Reading skill is helpful for some of the text, and some gamers may find the challenge too difficult.

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