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I’ve been blind in my left eye since birth, so I’m always looking for ways to take better care of my eyes and what vision I have left.  Especially as I get older.  We should all be like that, really, especially if you like playing video games and working on the computer.  So much of the information that we take in is through a digital monitor, be it a phone, computer or TV.  And looking at these devices too much can cause eye strain.  Every year when I go to a show like PAX, I always see a booth for Gunnar Computer Eyewear.  They sell mostly glasses that help protect your eyes while on the computer or gaming.  I’ve always been curious about their products, so I’m so happy that I finally am able to try out a pair of glasses they sent me for review purposes.  Click here and read on to find out more about the glasses Gunnar sells and how they work!

Digital devices like phones, computer monitors, and TVs emit a light called “Blue Light” and staring at it too long can cause eye strain which can lead to other problems as well.  Most of Gunnar’s glasses have special amber tinted lenses that are supposed to help block most of that “Blue Light,” which helps you focus more on what’s on screen and prevent eye strain.  Gunnar sent me a pair to try out, and here’s what they looks like.  They come in a nice box and cloth bag as well.

I have to say that, for the most part, the glasses work like they say they do.  I certainly noticed that it was easier to focus on some things while playing games, and my eyes didn’t feel as tired.  Although I take frequent breaks from playing games, so I don’t get that much eye strain anyway.  Really the only main problem I had with the glasses is that the yellow tinge took a bit of getting used to.  The price of most of their eyewear is also a bit high, but glasses are expensive and this is quality stuff.

If you are interested in getting a pair of Gunnar eyewear for yourself, there are some things I’d recommend doing.  First of all, I’d check with your eye doctor and see if they would be right for you.  Gunnar has programs to work with prescription lenses, too, so I’d look into that as well if you already wear glasses.  Sometimes I wear reading glasses when using my cell phone and playing handheld games.  I wish my Gunnar glasses had some magnification like reading glasses do.  Or maybe they do have some and I just didn’t see that on their Web site.  Do be sure to go to the Gunnar site and read up on their products if you’re interested in buying them.

You can order all sorts of eyewear and sunglasses from the Gunnar site, but I recommend also checking out stores like GameStop and Best Buy, as they sell some Gunnar glasses there, too.  Or you can check out their booth at shows like PAX.  That way you can maybe try on different pairs and styles and see which ones you like best.  I wish I could’ve done that with the pair I got to review, as the lenses are a bit narrow and I would’ve preferred a pair that would’ve covered more of my field of vision when I’m using an iPad and it’s closer to my face.

So yeah, I’d definitely recommend checking them out.  We should all be thankful for our eyesight because without it, you wouldn’t be able to play video games or even read this review!  So it’s important to take care of our eyes as well.  I’ll be certainly keeping an eye out on Gunnar’s products in the future.

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