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Well this kind of came out of nowhere!  I had no idea there was a Diablo amiibo (sounds like a brand of salsa).  But when I looked on GameStop’s web site for release dates, I saw it there as an exclusive, so I snatched it up since I like collecting amiibo figures.  So let’s take a look at this Loot Goblin amiibo.

Here it is inside the box.  One interesting thing is that this box is different from other amiibo figure boxes.

And here it is outside the box.  Pretty interesting critter.  The Loot Goblin holds a sack with gold and weapons in it.

I don’t really play Diablo games so I can’t talk about it much otherwise.  I read the amiibo unlocks a “portal to untold riches” in the Switch Diablo game.  I don’t know what that means, but maybe it makes sense to you if you play Diablo.  But that’s all for now!  Later!  –Cary

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  1. Strange that they’re doing Amibos about the Diablo III game. It’s a pretty nice implementation on the Switch, particularly as it has features that fit well with the hop on and off, portable style of Switch play. Its a rogue-like game with pretty deep customization of your character (five classes, various options for each) with most of the character advancement occurring by finding new and better gear.

    The little Loot Goblin character appears occasionally in the game, it runs by pretty fast and tries to escape but if you manage to take it out before it gets away it drops some pretty decent “loot”…

  2. Oh cool, the loot goblin. It was a lot of fun chasing those things around when they appear in the game. I might just have to pick it up.

  3. Bad ice cream 3 on hudgames wow the candy killed me when i moved

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