New Rue Eur (iOS, Android)

I’m not even sure how you pronounce the title of this game.  If I say it like it’s spelled, it sounds like I’m running out of batteries or something.  Anyway, New Rue Eur is a free-to-play puzzle game where you match up license plates on a road.  It’s available to download on mobile devices but reviewed on iPad here.

License plates with letters on them move from the left side of a road to the right.  Tap on one to make the letters appear at the top of the screen.  Then you must match up another license plate that has at least one of the same letters on it.  They’ll turn green, and then you must repeat the process with the last license plate you tapped.  Do this a certain number of times and then tap all the green license plates to make them disappear and clear the level.  If you run out of time, or if a row of license plates fills the road, it’s Game Over and you must start the level over again.  In harder levels you must also clear out a certain number of colors found on the license plate borders, too.

In certain levels, sometimes they’ll mix things up and change the rules.  Like you may have to clear out a full screen of license plates, or take numbers from license plates and add, subtract, multiply, and divide them to come out to zero.  But most of these side games aren’t very fun.  Come to think of it, neither is the main game either.  They don’t explain the rules very well and the whole package just feels very amateurish.  And since it is a free-to-play game, there are ads, but they play after every single level.  Considering that clearing levels is pretty short, you spend more time viewing ads about slot machine games than you do actually playing this.

Kid Factor:

Reading skill and letter and number recognition is a must for playing.  Nothing violent or objectionable, although parental supervision is recommended for the in-game ads and purchases.

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