Moad Racing (iOS, Android)

How would you like to play a racing game where you can drive the A-Team van, Back to the Future DeLorean, Flintstones car, Jetsons ship, Simpsons car, Batmobile, and more?  If it sounds too good to be true, well it kind of is, but you can sort of do that in Moad Racing.  It’s a new free to play game for mobile devices (reviewed on iPad here).

Moad Racing is a simple 3-D racer for mobile devices.  You use the touch screen to steer your car.  Virtual buttons on the left make your car turn, and there is a gas button on the right.  As you race, you can collect coins that fill up a meter.  When it has some juice in it, you can hold down on the meter icon for a speed boost.  And that’s pretty much it.  They don’t give you a tutorial on how to play, but it’s pretty easy to figure out.

You can race in standard cups with different tracks.  Each time you win a race, you unlock a new car.  You can also do special trials where you do things like drive a specific distance in a certain amount of time, to more sillier things like herd sheep.  You can also battle online, but that option remained locked to me.

One of the big draws of this game is that many of the cars look like popular vehicles from TV and movies.  As mentioned before, you can drive cars that look like the A-Team van, Back to the Future DeLorean, Flintstones car, Jetsons ship, Simpsons car, Batmobile, and more.  The catch here is they only resemble those classic cars, they aren’t licensed or anything and have no drivers.  Even so, they look so close you think they would be in trouble for copyright infringement.  But they don’t call the cars by name, just a vague description, such as Pink Family Car for the Simpsons’ sedan.

Unfortunately, the game had some problems that kept me from getting into it.  The controls are awful and it’s hard to steer your car.  To make matters worse is the track designs, as there are places where it’s easy to get stuck and you must turn around, or you might skip off a section of the track easily that could throw you into last place with no way to recover.  The lookalike cars are neat, and the low polygon graphics give the game a mid to late 90’s charm.  But it wasn’t enough to fix the problems.  One weird thing about this game is that it’s free to play, but I couldn’t find anywhere where you could buy things in-game.  And I didn’t see any ads either so I don’t know how this game is making money.

Kid Factor:

Nothing too violent here.  You can crash your car and explode, and sometimes even get flattened out like a cartoon, but that’s it.  I couldn’t find any in-game purchases or ads, reading skill isn’t needed just to play, but younger gamers may get frustrated at the bad controls.

One Response to “Moad Racing (iOS, Android)”

  1. Very odd, potentially great, but still… odd game.

    Great cars, nice tracks, loads off bonus games, multiple views, yet no in-race position number.
    Weird that it works for ios7 on an iPhone 4, but not for Android v.4.

    As for controls, I find it plays much better as a drift game, ie.release accelerator before each corner then foot down when you’re actually in the corner, FAR more controllable.

    As said,potentially great, just needs polishing.

    Nice review by the way.

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