Switchy Road (Switch, Mobile)

One bad thing about mobile games is that you don’t see very many super simple games on consoles anymore.  Well now there is one with Switchy Road.  It’s available on mobile, but now it’s also on the Switch (reviewed on Switch here).  A geometric shape travels on an ever crumbling road, and you must press a button to change the shape so it fits into holes that appear up ahead.  It reminds me of the ‘put the square peg in hole’ wooden game, or that “Human Tetris” TV game show where people try to fit into holes in walls coming at them.

When you pass a shape through the correct opening, you get a point.  Once you run into the wrong hole, the game ends.  You can choose three difficulty selections, and the harder levels get faster.  The game saves your high scores for each difficulty mode, and you can toggle options and even change the background color when you play.

I do like the simplicity of the game and the price is about right, too.  But it feels like something that should’ve been on a bigger collection, or maybe have more options like a two player mode and such.  It really feels like a better fit for mobile, but if you want a simple game, you can’t get more simpler than this!

Kid Factor:

Nothing violent or objectionable here.  Reading skill isn’t needed and the game might be considered somewhat educational due to the shape recognition.  Younger gamers might get bored, though.  Switchy Road is rated E for Everyone.

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  1. Love that human tetris game on the Japanese game shows…

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