Rescue Pets (Mobile)

Run your own pet rescue center in Rescue Pets, a free to download title on mobile devices (reviewed on iPad here).  You’ll get to select a breed of dog to help you, and then name it.  And every time you pet your pup, you’ll get coins you can use to upgrade your rescue center.  So yeah, it’s an endless clicker.   Or in this case, an endless petter?

Of course you don’t really get to select which breed you get at first.  You can only pick a Corgi.  I wish you could pick other breeds, but at least that one seems to be pretty popular right now.  You can then name it.  I named mine Rush after Mega Man’s dog, because of course I would do that!  Then every time you pet it on the touch screen (or just tap), you’ll earn coins.  Spend these coins to upgrade your center, which can help level it up so you can earn coins faster.  Even when you don’t play, you’ll still earn coins and bonuses you can collect when you come back later.

As you play, you’ll earn badges that gives you paw prints.  Paw prints are another one of the game’s currencies that you can use to buy treats which double your earnings for a short time, or clothes you can use to dress up your dog.  There are some items you can buy with real money, too, but at least part of the proceeds go to real life animal shelters, which is cool I guess.  The makers of the game told me at PAX South that when someone adopts an animal at these shelters, they’ll give you a bonus in the game, too!  I’m not sure how that works, but it sounds neat.

I guess the only other problem I had with this game, other than it’s yet another endless clicker, is that I wish it had a little more interactivity with it.  Like an area where you can bathe or feed your pets, and maybe select more breeds and animals to take care of.  Or at least more visual cues showing your rewards and accomplishments.  But if you’re going to waste your time on an endless clicker, at least with this one, it’s for a good cause.

Kid Factor:

Reading skill is helpful for some of the text, but not necessary just to play.  Parental supervision is highly recommended for the in-game ads and purchases.

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