Aeolis Tournament (Switch, PC)

Aeolis Tournament is a collection of multiplayer mini games based around the simple concept of sucking in and blowing out gusts of air.  Up to 8 can play locally and online, and it’s available on the Switch and PC, but reviewed on Switch here.

After choosing to play locally or online, you’ll pick your character.  These include various kids and animals, like a fox or a cool shark.  You can also outfit them with colors and accessories (hats, glasses) that you unlock with points by playing.  Then you can choose to play a quick, single game or a tournament where you go through a string of events in a row.  The basic concept of each game involves running around a top down 2-D arena, holding the button to suck in air, then releasing it to blow out again.  Anyway, here are the six games you play with that idea.

The Perfect Storm

Run around an island with breakable land masses, and try to blow and push other players off the island into the water.  If you do, you’ll earn points.  Earn the most points at the end to win.


Play a game of soccer with the air sucking and blowing mechanic.  Except here it’s on top of a volcano so you must watch out for lava!  Plus, different balls will pop in that might give you more points, or roll around differently, like a football!  This game is played with teams.

Explosive Dodgeball

Another team based event, you and your opponent’s teams are on each side of a playing field.  Bombs will drop, and you must blow them to the other side so they explode and make the other players fall off the field.  When you do that, you earn points.

Snowball Battle

In this free-for-all event, you must suck in snowballs and blow them out to hit other players for points.  You can suck in multiple snowballs to make them bigger!

Marble Thief

You must suck in and spit out marbles into your colored hole to earn points.  The holes can move around on the circular field, so you must watch out.

Air Hockey

And last, this one plays like Sportsball except you must blow a giant puck into a goal.  The field is also iced over and very slippery.

And those are all the games!  In many of the events, you can pick up power-ups to help you out, like give you stronger gusts of air or make it harder for others to blow you off.  You can toggle rules for each game and change the difficulty level of CPU players.  In the options screen you can view your unlockables and achievements, too.

The only problems with the game is that there’s not much to do for a single player, and the game could’ve used some more events, since all you have here are some basic Mario Party style mini-games and only six of them.  But what’s here is still pretty fun with simple rules that anyone can understand.  So if you have a bunch of people to play with, you may want to check this out.

Kid Factor:

You can knock players off ledges into water with gusts of wind and bombs, but they appear right back where they started, and that’s about as violent as it gets.  Reading skill is helpful for some of the text.  Aeolis Tournament is rated E for Everyone.

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