Body of Evidence (Switch, Xbox One, PC)

Boy they’ll make a game out of anything these days!  Body of Evidence is a 3-D first person game where you are tasked with hiding and getting rid of dead bodies in creative ways.  Blech!  It uses light puzzle solving and lots of rag doll physics, and is available on a couple of consoles and PC, but reviewed on Switch here.

You view the action in a 3-D first person perspective, and can interact with anything that is highlighted when you go over it with your cursor.  You can pick up bodies with one hand somehow and move them around, as well as pick up and use other objects.  Only problem is the play control is so unresponsive and buggy that it made it hard to play the game.  Plus the text is way too small, even on the big screen, and they don’t tell you what you should be doing half the time anyway.  Let me take you through my play experience of the game so you can get an idea.

In the first level, you must move a body from the bathroom to another room, and then pick up a broom to clean the blood.  But I couldn’t find a broom anywhere!  The game wouldn’t let me open any cabinets or anything. Levels are timed, so I ran out of it looking for that broom! I failed that level, but luckily it lets you move onto the next one.  So in the next level, you’re in a lab and must pour acid in a barrel, and then move a body to it to dissolve the body.  But the rag doll physics kept me from stuffing the body in the barrel, so I failed that level, too.

Next up is a sushi bar where you have to pick up chopped limbs, put them in a blender, and then flush them down the toilet.  I managed to do that once, but when I went to pick up the other body parts I put down, it would highlight them, but wouldn’t let me pick them up.  I think the only level I did right was when you had to simply drag bodies and dump them in a lake, but I don’t know if that counts as a level.  I really wasn’t having any fun at all, so after that I just stopped playing.  I am glad that I sucked at this game, though, because I’d be a little worried about myself if I was proficient at getting rid of bodies.  Just a bad game overall.

Kid Factor:

Body of Evidence is rated T for Teen with ESRB descriptors of Drug Reference, Use of Tobacco, Blood, and Violence.  There is lots of blood, and bodies flop around like rag dolls. But the polygonal visuals keep things from looking too horrific.  However, because of the subject matter, I’d say this game is best for older players only.

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  1. Jeez. They made a game of this?

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