Unplugged: Strike (Boardgame)

Strike – a simple, quick game of dice-chucking goodness. Players take turns rolling (or throwing) their dice into an arena inlay in the box. Remove any matching dice and leave the rest for the next player. The last player with dice is crowned the winner of the game. The idea is simple and the execution is spot on, making Strike a fine game for the start of a gaming evening or quick break with the kids.



Publisher: Ravensburger
Ages: 8+
Players: 2-5
Time: 15 mins
(Review copy provided by Ravensburger)

At the start of a game of Strike, each player is given a set of dice (depending on the number of players.) The dice have numbers two to six, with one side displaying an “X”. To begin the game, a single die is rolled into the dice arena, made out of the insert resting in the lower half of the game box. Formed in the shape of a plastic coleseum, the bottom of the arena has a thin layer of foam to help the dice bounce around without flying out.

Once the game is set, players take turns throwing dice into the arena. Any dice showing an “X” is removed from the game while any dice with matching numbers are awarded to the rolling player. Players may also knock the dice completely out of the arena. Any dice exiting the arena are also removed from play. If the arena is ever empty at the start of a player’s turn, that player must roll ALL of their dice, again keeping only any matching dice. This can be a considerable setback. Any players without dice left to roll are eliminated from the game. The last player still standing is crowned the winner.

The game can be played once-through or in a tournament style. In a tournament, players play one round for each player, allowing each player one chance to start the game. When a player loses their last die, they are eliminated from that round and score one point per player still in the game. At the end of the tournament, the player with the lowest score wins.

Fans of the Harry Potter series may be pleased to see there is a Harry Potter themed version of the game. This version dispenses with the numbers on the dice and uses colored “magic symbols” instead.

This is no highbrow game. It is a simple game, with simple rules, but the dexterity element adds in a bit of fun. Players can go for matching dice, or even just chucking dice into the arena hoping to knock the rest of them out, forcing the next player to roll all their dice. The dice are standard size and weight but the plastic insert does feel a bit thin. However, this isn’t a real issue as the foam liner and the indented oval rings of the “arena” give it some nice structural stability.

I wouldn’t spend an entire evening playing Strike, but I’ve found it quite fun in small bursts, either pulling it out for a quick few games after supper, or a few quick rounds while I’m waiting for additional friends to show up to a evening of gaming.

Kid Factor:
No reading required, no deep strategy needed, this game could work for just about any kid who isn’t going to try to swallow the dice….


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