Super Cops: Justice Keepers (Mobile)

You are a no-nonsense police officer named Steven Justice.  One day your arch nemesis, the evil gangster Mr. Thorne kidnaps your daughter and you must get her back!  But you also must defend your island police HQ from zombies among other things.  Super Cops: Justice Keepers is an action game for mobile devices (reviewed on iPad here).

You view the action from a top-down view and can control Steven in one of two ways.  You can move him around with the touch screen and tap to shoot, or you can use a virtual joystick and button.  There are also three difficulty selections.  You’ll have missions where you most defend your police HQ island from bad guys and travel to new ones to find clues and fight more baddies.  You can level up and divvy points to stats to improve your abilities and find new weapons and armor to equip.

I liked how this game had no microtransactions, you just pay a less than five dollar fee and that’s it.  And I would’ve liked the simplistic arcade gameplay, but it kind of goes all over the place the more you play.  You end up fighting zombies, collecting materials to build up your defenses, visit other single screen islands, and the game kind of loses focus.  It’s also hard once you run out of bullets and must fight with just a knife.  And the mission objective and story texts are too small.  And I’m playing on an iPad, I can’t imagine what that’s like to read on a phone.  Super Cops isn’t a bad game, it’s just that there’s better games and things garnering for my attention right now.

Kid Factor:

You can shoot bad guys and zombies and there is some blood pools and dead bodies when you do that.  It’s still pretty cartoony, but because of that and the reading skill involved, this game is best for older players.

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  1. I’m thinking of buying a game or two for my new phone, but I guess this won’t be one.

    LOL Steven Justice.

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