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Recently I got a bunch of new amiibo figures and cards, so I thought I’d spend this first week of the month talking about them.  I guess you could call this month “A-MAY-Bo.”  Ok sorry, that was bad.  Anyway, first up is some amiibo figures based on Monster Hunter Rise, the newest game in the series that was just released recently. I’ve never played a Monster Hunter game before, so this should be quick!

Here they are in the boxes.

And here they are out of the boxes.  I’m always impressed at the attention to detail in amiibo figures, and these are no exception.

I had to save the top of the boxes to remember the names.  The one on the left that looks like a ninja cat is named “Palico.”  The one in the middle is “Magnamalo.”  This one is neat because it’s an oversized amiibo figure that goes over the edges, kind of like the Breath of the Wild Guardian amiibo.  He kind of reminds me of those Behemoth enemies from Final Fantasy games.  The blue doggy figure on the right is named “Palamute.”  He kind of reminds me of Repede from Tales of Vesperia.

Did you know that this isn’t the first time there has been Monster Hunter amiibo?  They had a set of six that went along with Monster Hunter Stories for the DS.  That game came to the US, but the amiibo figures stayed in Japan.  I have those figures, though, and wrote about them a while back, so here’s that article.

The only other interesting thing I know about Monster Hunter (aside from there being a boss from it in Smash), is that back when Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer first came out, they had a promotion with Monster Hunter where if you connected the game to the internet, you could get some Monster Hunter themed furniture to decorate with!  Crazy, huh?  Just goes to show you how popular that game is, I guess.

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  1. These don’t interest me, but I have three amiibo and I want more.

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