Space Invaders Invincible Collection (Switch, PS4)

Space Invaders is just as iconic of a classic video game as Pac-Man or Tetris.  We probably wouldn’t be where we are today without it.  And now you can play nearly a dozen games in the series with Space Invaders Invincible Collection.  It’s available on Switch and PS4, but reviewed on Switch here.  Let’s take a look at all the games on this collection!

Space Invaders Original Version

This is the original one that started it all.  Black and white and everything.  I don’t really need to explain to you how to play Space Invaders, do I?  No?  OK, then, let’s move on.

Space Invaders Color Version

It’s the same game, but in color.  Back then they would simulate color in games by placing overlays on the screen, as the games were still in black and white.  The first TRUE color game was actually Namco’s Galaxian.

Space Invaders Part 2

At first glance this looks like the same game as the color version before, but they added a few subtle differences like animations between stages, a more visual title screen, and invaders that split into two.  Back then you didn’t have to make too many changes for a game to be a sequel.  Case in point, look at Ms. Pac-Man!

Lunar Rescue

I don’t know if this is really part of the Space Invaders series, but it does use some of the same graphics and the game says it uses the same circuit board.  It’s kind of like a cross between Lunar Lander, Space Invaders, and Frogger.  First you must land on a surface while avoiding enemies and using your thruster so you don’t crash.  Then after that, you must blast off to the mothership above, continuing to avoid enemies but you can shoot them this time.

Space Cyclone

This is another one that uses graphics from Space Invaders and also the same circuit board, but I’m not sure it’s really part of the series.  It’s a pretty standard shooter with enemies that dive down at you like Galaxian, but they have voice clips here and there.  The game says this one was really rare in the arcade and is the first time it’s on a home system!

Majestic Twelve

A neat 16-bit remake of the original game with more detailed character and background graphics, new enemy formations, and you get power-ups when you shoot down UFOs.  The most memorable thing about this game are the bonus stages, where you have to protect cows from being abducted by UFOs!

Super Space Invaders ‘91

It’s pretty much the exact same game as the previous one, except Majestic Twelve lets you select stages while this one doesn’t.  I remember playing both in arcades, but not very often.

Space Invaders DX

I remember playing the arcade version of this!  It was back when grocery stores used to have arcade machines in the front area between the exits and the checkouts.  It’s an example of one of the first game collections, as you can choose to play multiple versions of the original Space Invaders.  Including black and white, color, and the one that had a moon background.  There’s also a two player competitive mode.  But my favorite is the ‘parody’ mode where you can play Space Invaders with graphics and characters from other Taito games like New Zealand Story, Fairyland Story, Bubble Bobble, Arkanoid, and more!

Space Invaders Extreme

Aw man, I love this one!  They took the Pac-Man Championship Edition approach with this game and gave it flashy graphics and techno music that ties into the action when you shoot.  There are power-ups, combos, bonus rounds, bosses, and more!  I’m really glad they released this game again on this collection because it’s every bit as good now as it ever was.  I even reviewed it back on the Xbox 360 more than ten years ago!  Wow!  Check out that review if you want more info on it.

Space Invaders Gigamax 4SE

This was also on the Space Invaders Forever collection I reviewed last year.  It’s a four player Space Invaders game on a wide screen.  I think it was only in Japan arcades, and the only time I’ve seen it is on a YouTube video about a recent arcade game trade show.  Anyway, it starts out with the invaders coming down in the typical row fashion, but then after a while, they change and fly all over the place and after that, a giant UFO comes down and you must shoot that as the boss.  But you have a time limit to do so.  It plays pretty well here but I wish I could’ve played it in an arcade!

And those are all the games!  Really the only problem I had with this collection is that for the price, they should’ve added more.  Especially since half of these games are practically the same.  Some I would’ve liked to have seen here are Space Invaders 95: Attack of the Lunar Loonies, which is Taito’s answer to Parodius.  Or what about Space Invaders Get Even, a role reversal game only on WiiWare that’s probably lost to time by now.  I’ve also seen press releases and screenshots showing Arkanoid vs. Space Invaders in this collection, but it’s certainly not on the version I’m reviewing.  But otherwise if you enjoy Space Invaders, you should get this one.  It’s got Space Invaders Extreme, so I’m willing to forgive the shortcomings.

Kid Factor:

Space Invaders Invincible Collection is rated E for Everyone with an ESRB descriptor of Mild Fantasy Violence. You just shoot blocky aliens that explode and that’s it.  Really I think these type of early arcade games are great to start younger kids out on.  They’re simple and no reading is required.  I grew up with these kinds of games and I turned out OK.

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  1. Oh wow! Lunar Rescue! I recently discovered this game and it’s now one of my favorites. I’m so glad it’s reappeared on a modern collection. I really hope this makes it over to Xbox. I’ll buy it instantly. (I may get it on PS4 in any case).
    Lunar Rescue is very cool in how it combines Space Invaders with Lunar Lander and even Asteroids.

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