Bulbs 2.0 (Mobile)

Turn on lightbulbs and change their hues so they are all the same white color at once in this free-to-play puzzler on mobile devices (reviewed on iPad here).  You know how some video games have mini-puzzles where you must turn on all the lights and the lights around you will also turn on or off, so you have to figure out how to turn them all on at once?  Well this game is like that except you also have to think about mixing colors as well!

To turn on a lightbulb or switch its color, simply tap it.  But that’s the only easy thing about this game!  When you tap a bulb, all the other bulbs will change color depending on what colors are next to it or what color is inside the bulb.  I’m really not sure as I had a hard time wrapping my head around this game.  They have some text instructions you can view, but I think I really needed more interactive tutorials.  I’ve been playing games for some odd 40 years so I’m pretty good at understanding these free-to-play puzzlers, but not this one!  I just think it’s too hard to figure out.  And heaven forbid if you might be color blind!  Not very pick up and playable for the free-to-play mobile crowd, in my opinion.

Kid Factor:

Nothing violent or objectionable here.  Reading skill is needed for the instructions, and younger gamers may have a hard time figuring this one out as I did.  Parental supervision is recommended for the in-game ads and purchases.

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