Explosive Candy World (PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, X/S, PC)

Toss exploding candy to fling your little pixel candyman to a goal in Explosive Candy World.  It’s available on most current consoles and PC, but reviewed on PS4 here.  All you do is move around a cursor.  When you hold down a button, a line will extend from your candyman and when you let go of the button, you’ll fling a piece of candy that’ll explode upon impact.  What you’ll want to do is use the cursor to aim the candy so the explosion launches the candyman in the air and to a candy cane goal somewhere on the single screen level.  For some weird reason, it reminds me of golf!

If you have the cursor closer to your candyman, he’ll throw it lighter, and if it’s far away, he’ll throw harder.  Sometimes you must also throw your candy to break walls or flip lollipop switches.  Other times you must collect items before you can reach the candy cane goal.  If you can reach the goal in a certain number of throws, you’ll earn a golden candy cane for that level.  If you hit spikes or fall off the screen, you must start the level over again.  Only problems I had with this one is that it gets hard pretty quickly, and they don’t tell you how to play at all.  Luckily it’s pretty easy to figure out, but some instructions would’ve been welcome.

Kid Factor:

Explosive Candy World is rated E for Everyone with an ESRB descriptor of Mild Fantasy Violence.  You can fling your little pixel candyman around with exploding candy, and if he gets hit or falls off the screen, he’ll just spin around and fly off the screen.  Reading skill isn’t needed as there are no words, but younger gamers may find it too difficult later on.

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