Let’s Get Fit (Switch)

Time to get that summer beach bod with Let’s Get Fit, a new fitness game for Nintendo Switch.  If you buy the physical version of this game (recommended), you’ll get two straps that you can put your JoyCons in, and then wrap them around your arm and leg so the game can sense your movements.  You can also buy this game digitally, but if you don’t have the straps, you can still play the game but they’ll limit you on what exercises you can do and what achievements you’ll earn.  Unfortunately I only got the digital version for review.  But luckily I had straps from Ring Fit Adventures and Nintendo Switch Sports, so I could still try out this one somewhat.

After completing your profile, you can choose one of three main options.  You can do a custom workout where you edit which exercises you’ll do.  There are also preset programs that you can stick to for a month or so that focus on certain goals.  And finally there are daily challenges where you do a single exercise for a given amount of days, like planks and such.  There are four trainers, each focusing on a certain type of exercise, like muscle building, cardio, or balance.  The game will give you a score based on how much movement, or no movement, you have during the exercises.  Aside from having a few more options, I didn’t notice much difference if you do or don’t use the straps.  You can earn all sorts of medals and trophies and achievements either way.

Even though graphics in these kinds of games don’t really matter, the visuals look like they could’ve been done on a PS2.  While I recommend going to a gym if you really want to get results, if you are a beginner who can’t go to a gym or has no home equipment, then this game is fine.  But the best Switch fitness game is still Ring Fit Adventures.

Kid Factor:

Nothing violent or objectionable here.  Reading skill is helpful for some of the menu text.  Let’s Get Fit is rated E for Everyone.

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