Redout 2 (PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, X/S, PC)

If you like high speed futuristic racers like F-Zero or Wipeout, then you may want to check out Redout 2.  Essentially more of the same from the first game, it’s available on all current consoles and PC, but reviewed on PS4 here.

Play control is the same as last time.  Steer with the left stick, accelerate with the R2 button, and use different boosts with the L and R shoulder buttons.  Be careful not to use too much boost or your engine will overheat and you’ll explode.  You can use the R stick to strafe left and right, handy for cornering.  You can also press up and down on the R stick to move your nose up and down, which can help you not scrub the track and let you land properly, otherwise you’ll slow down as well.

There’s an arcade mode where you can do quick play tracks, as well as a Career Mode where you can learn the ropes and take on missions.  There is more of an emphasis on online play, with a season mode and online mode as well.  My only big problem is the game is way too hard.  I couldn’t even get past the tutorial missions.  So this one’s for pros only.

Kid Factor:

Redout 2 is rated E-10 with an ESRB descriptor of Fantasy Violence.  There are exploding futuristic racing spaceships and that’s it.  Reading skill is helpful for the text, and younger gamers may find it too difficult.

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