Big Bad Smash amiibo

Got another batch of amiibo figures based on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters.  This time it’s a couple of big bad tough guys: Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7 and Kazuya Mishima from the Tekken series.  Let’s take a look at them!

Here they are in the boxes.

And here they are out of the box.  As always, the detail on these amiibo figures is great.  The Tekken guy just looks cool at any angle.  If I had to be nitpicky, I’d say Sephiroth’s sword isn’t long enough.  Seriously, have you seen it in the game?  It’s ridiculous.

I kind of wish they went with a different FF villain in Smash, like Kefka. He’s my favorite.  But I guess it makes more sense to have Sephiroth if you also have Cloud in the game.  The Tekken guy is probably in the game since Namco helped make this Smash game and they also make Tekken.  I loved the trailer when they announced that Tekken guy would be in Smash.  They showed him dropping defeated Smash characters off a cliff.  When he dropped Kirby, he looked down the cliff to see him drop, but Kirby just floated away behind him!  That’s great!  Kirby is the best!  –Cary

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