Uzzuzzu My Pet: Golf Dash (Switch)

A large orange dog, a fat pink cat, a cute grey and white kitten, and a little white puppy are the stars of Uzzuzzu My Pet.  Supposedly they are in short little CG animated segments on TikTok, and are popular in South Korea…I guess?  I don’t know, I don’t mess with TikTok.  I reviewed a game with them earlier, but it was just a virtual coloring book.  Well now they’re back with a for real game on Switch called Uzzuzzu My Pet: Golf Dash, and it’s kind of a cross between golf and WarioWare.

There are about 72 stages in all, and each one requires you to get a ball (or something else), to a goal at the end of the level.  But the game isn’t really a full fledged golf game, you aren’t scored on how many few putts you take, for instance.  It’s really more like a Super Monkey Ball game with golf controls.  You aim your ball with the control stick, and hold down the A button to send it off with varying amounts of power depending on how long you hold the button.  You must try and avoid pits and obstacles along the way.  If you hit one, you’ll have to start the level over.

But the game mixes things up so you never know what to expect.  Sometimes you’re simply putting the ball to the target.  Other times you have complete control over the ball and must roll it around.  And sometimes you’re just aiming the ball at things like a shooting gallery.  And sometimes you’re not even hitting a ball at all, but instead a flopping fish, gas tank, sugar cube, ice cream, and more.  You never know what will happen next, and part of the fun is seeing what comes up.  The graphics are simple but have that Katamari charm to them.

The menu lets you play the stages, toggle options, view your trophies, and see DLC.  But I don’t know what the DLC is because it’s all locked as of this writing, and the trophies are just stickers you get after beating some stages.  I think so anyway, they don’t really explain that very well.  My only problem with the game is that about halfway through, it gets really hard and frustrating.  You don’t have very good control over your ball, and if you fall or hit something, you have to start the stage over again.  Having checkpoints or a way to skip stages or a difficulty selection would’ve fixed that.  And the difficulty is pretty unbalanced, too.  Sometimes you’ll play a super hard stage and then do one where you can’t lose at all!  But they still make you want to keep playing to see what crazy things they’ll have you do next.

Kid Factor:

Uzzuzzu My Pet: Golf Dash is rated E-10 with an ESRB descriptor of Crude Humor.  One of the stages has you putt a cell phone, toilet paper, and a plunger to a cat sitting on the potty inside an outhouse, so that’s where the crude humor comes from.  Reading skill is helpful for some of the menu text, but not necessary just to play.  Younger gamers may have trouble with the tougher levels.

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