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Ask GamerDad 2/06/09 (Double-Sized Issue!)

My son calls Indiana Jones “Indy-Andy” Jones because he figured out my name. But this isn’t about all that, this is about a great deal: Bang, boom, pow Ask GamerDad action for the same free price! 

I’ve been flakey lately with these issues and I apologize. Despite this, you haven’t been flakey at all, so I’ve got lots of questions piled up. Here’s handy-dandy-Indy-andy double sized issue spectacular! more…

Ask GamerDad 12/24/09

Apologies! Ask GamerDad got lost during the Thanksgiving Holiday, then when I pointed out it hadn’t ran, boom, they runned it.  Okay, so here’s the new one.  A bunch of big yet short questions. Stuff about Tony Hawk, Used Games, Return Policies, GTA, oh, and why some teens are mystified why they can’t play M-rated games. Go on and read it. Come back here and post. Oh and, nifty new logo, hey?

Ask GamerDad 11/07/08

Music, thievery, and librarians. A little bit of something for everyone from GamerDad after that busy, historic, nerve-wracking, blissfull day that will forever be known as the day the son of an idealistic Kansan and a Kenyan born Muslim became leader of the free world. I say it with a smile. Barack Hussein Obama. Amazing. I’ll probably always remember it also as the day I spoke in front of hundreds of Librarians too, though.  

Ask GamerDad 10/10/08

Dear GamerDad: Why are most other parents so concerned about their 12 to 16 year old teens?  Why do parents, instead of paying attention to their teen’s level of maturity, go to this website and look for general answers that might not fit their teen’s level of maturity?

Ask GamerDad 9/12/08

Violence, Drugs, Mercenaries and Ninjas – Oh my! The most recent Ask GamerDad is up and helping parents at WhatTheyPlay. It’s been helping people since last friday. What have you been doing with your time? Sometime worthwhile I can only hope!

Ask GamerDad 8/29/08

My PAX update will have to wait – Henry is K5, so he gets the second day of school off for reasons I don’t pretend to understand – but here is the Ask GamerDad that appeared at WhatTheyPlay while I was at PAX. Questions about Portal, Piracy, Cleaning Niko’s mean streets and, of course, Hot Dogs.

Videogames v. Reading

“Why do you recommend video games when you could be recommending books and reading?”  

I’ve gotten this question a few times, mostly from the well-meaning type who maybe tries but probably can’t wrap their head around the attraction of games and gaming. This type is an avid reader and cannot understand why kids seem to be giving up books. Here’s what I tell them:


Ask GamerDad 8/01/08

This week is all about celebrating differences. You ask about the differences between Bioshock and Condemned 2: Bloodshot. And what about Grand Theft Auto IV versus a thieving raccoon? All this and more! Just read on…

Ask GamerDad 7/25/08

Some great questions this week! Like, what games are good for kids with Asperger Syndrome? We also get caught walking in a spiderweb and we talk about how a mix of slapstick violence and cartoon flatulence can give a game a “Teen” rating. All this and more; Ask GamerDad!

Ask GamerDad 7/18/08

This week we tackle the BIG questions like: What does my teen want with a console webcam? What PlayStation 2 games are good for toddlers? Is a Game Boy Advance SP worth it? And a 10 year-old asks… is it fair? As always, GamerDad has the answers.