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Unplugged: TANKS – a beginner’s miniatures wargame

TANKS box coverTANKS: Panther vs Sherman Starter Box
Designers: Andrew Haught, Chris Townley, Phil Yates
Publisher: Gale Force Nine, LLC
Players: 2
Ages: 8ish
Time: 30 minutes

TANKS is a new, lightweight system of miniatures from Gale Force Nine, focusing on (surprise) the tank battles of World War II. The idea is to have a fast-playing miniatures wargame to serve as an introduction to the hobby. This is the first wargame by Gale Force Nine, who produce a prodigious amount of pre-painted battle terrain, presumably usable in TANKS games as well as the more complex Flames of War game owned by GF9’s parent company, Battlefront Miniatures.


Unplugged: Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters (Boardgame)

ghost fightin boxIn the past decade, the idea of cooperative boardgames, where everyone wins or loses as a team, has blossomed. As dad of young boys, I enjoy playing games together where we can all be on the same side. In Ghost Fightin’ Treasure Hunters!, players move through a haunted mansion to collect all the Treasure Jewels and escape the house before it is overtaken with ghosts. It is that rarely-seen gem of a game that can be enjoyed by kids or adults.


Kid-friendly Boardgame Round-up

unplugged_titleGaming isn’t always about serious strategy, staring at a board until your opponent makes their next thoughtful move. There are many games on the market perfect for players looking to add a bit of dexterity and/or silliness to their next game. This can be great for younger gamers who might otherwise have a hard time sitting still. Here are a few games I’ve played over the past few months that seem to fit the bill.




Unplugged: New York 1901 (Boardgame)

ny1901Become a real estate magnate by constructing the best and the most skyscrapers in New York. Players take turns claiming lots and placing buildings almost-Tetris style onto the game board. Larger buildings are harder to squeeze onto open spaces and are worth more points. At game end, bonus points are awarded for having the most buildings along specific streets as well as a special scoring that is different each game. New York 1901 is a solid entry in the family gaming category. Fun for the older folks, but still playable by the younger (early grade school) set.


New York 1901
Publisher: Blue Orange Games
Ages: 8+
Players: 2-4
Time: 45 mins
(Review copy provided by Blue Orange Games)


Unplugged: Pingo Pingo (Boardgame)

PingoPingo_3DboxTake Slapjack, add in some silliness and a dart pistol and you have the kid-friendly boardgame Pingo Pingo. Accompanied by a changing soundtrack, players take turns playing cards and watching for the right conditions to slap the pile and claim a treasure. Meanwhile, events come up forcing a player to perform one of several actions, which include shooting at targets with the supplied gun. Mistakes cost a life point, and the player with the most treasures (and not dead) wins the game. Loads of silliness packed into a cool 15 minutes, Pingo Pingo is great for a family game night.


Pingo Pingo
Publisher: IELLO
Ages: 6+
Players: 2-5
Time: 15 mins
(Review copy provided by IELLO)


Unplugged: Survive: Space Attack! (Boardgame)

survive space attack coverCan your people leave the collapsing station, avoid the aliens, and make it to safety? Players take a turn by moving crewmember, destroying part of the station, and then moving one of the aliens. Get caught on a destroyed piece or eaten by aliens and your crewmember is no more. Reach one of the escape routes with a crew member to score points. The game is simple to understand, but the fun part comes in using special abilities and simply picking on the other players. A quick conflict-ridden game that allows players to really stick it to their neighbors.



Survive: Space Attack!
Publisher: Stronghold Games
Ages: 8+
Players: 2-4
Time: 60 mins
(Review copy provided by Stronghold Games)


Unplugged: Duplik (Boardgame)

duplik boxIn Pictionary you draw for speed, but in Duplik you draw for elegance. Duplik is a party game where one player describes and all others draw a detailed scene. Players then judge each other’s creations on ten, previously unknown, criteria. Players score points for correct drawings while the caller scores points for any player who meets a criteria. After points are awarded, drawings are shared around and hilarity ensues. Duplik rewards thoroughness (not necessarily skill) under pressure and is a great choice for a drawing-focused party game.

Publisher: Asmodee
Ages: 8+
Players: 3-10
Time: 45 mins
(Review copy provided by Asmodee Games)


Unplugged: Pathfinder Miniatures – Rusty Dragon Inn (RPG)

rustydragonbar2Traditional RPGs are games of the mind, but it doesn’t hurt to have spiffy little plastic figures on hand to help set the tone and sort through the complexities of battle. Figures can be bought unpainted or, for a bit more cash, they come prepainted. As a busy parent, I easily fall into the latter category. While any figurines aren’t cheap, they can add a bit of fun as players can see the unruly monsters gather around their poor characters, eager for a kill.




Pathfinder Miniatures
Publisher: Wizkids
(Review samples provided by Wizkids)


Unplugged: Runebound, 3rd Edition (Boardgame)

runebound coverBoardgames like Runebound pack the positive feedback loop gaining power in MMORPGs into a few short hours of a boardgame.  This new (3rd) edition of Runebound provides a new-player friendly boardgame where everyone can choose their own character’s path to power.  Players can gain in power by questing to explore locations, interact with the denizens of the land, or simply fight monsters.  The first player to become powerful enough to defeat the final villain wins the game.  With its open-ended options, playing a game of Runebound gives the enjoyment of adventuring in a MMORPG packed into a single evening of face-to-face game play.

Runebound, 3rd Edtion
Publisher: Fantasy Flight Games
Ages: 14+
Players: 2-4
Time: 2-3 hrs
(Review copy provided by Fantasy Flight Games)

Unplugged: Musée (Boardgame)

musee_card_rawIt’s nice when the art of boardgame design meets more traditional art.  In Musée, players place art-covered cards into their three-tiered museum, attempting to place similar cards adjacent to each other in order to score points.  Simple and fast to play, Musée features more than 60 pieces of wonderful licensed art from the fifteenth to early twentieth century.  It is an attractive game appropriate for gamers and non-gamers alike.