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Happy iBirthday, Dr. Seuss!

seuss bookshelfYes, it’s the birthday of that grand old champion of fun, quirky, easy to read children’s literature: Dr. Seuss. As Dr. Seuss books are getting quite a workout in my household of late (I’ve got one early reader and one just starting to learn his letters), I thought I’d take a moment on this fine day to give a short rundown on some of our household’s favorites.


Review: Fire Emblem Awakening (3DS)

Fire_Emblem_Awakening_box_artWhile I was unfamiliar with the series, the first Fire Emblem to make its way to US shores was an exciting event for me. It arrived in the heyday of the GameBoy Advance strategy gaming, where strategy titles were just starting to appear for Nintendo’s portable systems. I jumped at a chance to review the game and was surprised to find a rich role-playing backdrop to a turn based strategy game. The game was difficult, but rewarded wise play. While it was a hit among hard core games, I felt the permanent death of battle casualties did not mesh well with the more casual style of play expected from a GBA gaming experience. Several titles and systems later, Fire Emblem Awakening appears on the 3DS as the first handheld version to appear since those bygone days of the GBA. Available as a cartridge or as a download, the game takes great advantage of the dual screens and has options to make it even more approachable to the more casual handheld gaming crowd.