Project X-Zone: Team Capcom

kobuniconEven though Namco Bandai is my favorite video game company, of the three game makers featured in Project X-Zone, I’m probably more familiar with the Capcom roster in this 3DS action strategy RPG featuring heroes and villains from Namco Bandai, Capcom, and SEGA’s games. Since last time we looked at the Namco Bandai characters found in Project X-Zone, this time we’ll look at the Capcom ones.

One thing that I didn’t note last time was there are a couple of playable characters that aren’t from any game, they were created specifically for Project X-Zone. They’re supposed to be central to the story, but the plot is not very important in this game. One character is an anime dude who is supposed to be a detective. The other is a high school anime girl who wears a trampy maid outfit. They both team up together, and the detective guy says some slightly perverted things to the girl, so I just want to smack him sometimes. Needless to say, this game is rated T for Teen. Anyway, enough of that, let’s look at the Capcom characters.

Team Pairs

While all the team pairs from Namco and SEGA are from the same games, sometimes the Capcom characters are teamed up a little differently. Not all, but some. So we’ll look at the pairs first.

Chris Redfield & Jill Valentine

I don’t know much about Resident Evil games, but I at least know who these characters are. Chris Redfield looks like he ate a can of spinach before fighting the zombies, which is probably a good thing to do. I don’t know much about Jill Valentine either, but I think she’s cool for some reason. I like to call her Jill Sandwich.

Dante & Demitri

The Devil May Cry games have never appealed to me, but I do know who Dante is. This is classic Dante with the white hair and all. He’s teamed up with Demitri, the vampire guy from Darkstalkers.

Ryu & Ken

These are just the boring ol’ karate dudes from Street Fighter games. Ken is less boring than Ryu, but both are still pretty stale by now.

Chun-Li & Morrigan

Here’s another weird team up. Street Fighter starlet Chun-Li and her big ol’ muscle legs are pretty cool, but I don’t like Darkstalkers’ Morrigan very much. I don’t like vampires, and I know she’s a succubus, not a vampire, but she still creeps me out. She says some pretty weird stuff in the game, too. Only thing I like about Morrigan is she has cool green hair.

X & Zero

Yay! While I’d rather have classic Mega Man or the Legends cast like in Namco X Capcom, I’ll still take the X cast and be happy. As a big Mega Man fan, I think it’s cool that they were put in this game, at least.

Frank West & Hsien-Ko

The last pair team is pretty weird, too, but one of my favorites. I always pick Hsien-Ko in Puzzle Fighter and Darkstalkers for some reason. Frank West is from the Dead Rising games, and he’s pretty funny here. While Dead Rising games aren’t my cup of tea, I had fun watching brother Jeff play them because they’re really more silly than scary. In Project X-Zone, Frank West uses weapons thrown to him by Hsien-Ko. He also takes pictures of nearly every character in the game, especially the fanservice-y girl ones (it even has a “Perfect” icon pop up when he does). One of the stages you battle in is the shopping mall from the first Dead Rising game, too!

Single Team Units

Just as before, there are also single characters who can be paired with a team of two for an extra burst of attack if you have enough XP. So here are the Capcom ones.


I’m not very familiar with characters from Devil May Cry. But I will say that this one’s name is easy to remember! That’s probably what I’d end up calling her anyway!


This Street Fighter 4 newbie starts out as a bad guy, but I guess she joins your team later. Kind of like how Cammy did in Namco X Capcom (I wish she were in this game). Juri has a cool outfit, funny hair, and a neat purple glowy eye. Only problem is that she’s really mean. If she were nicer, I’d like her more.

Tron Bonne

I think that Tron Bonne is one of the best characters Capcom has ever designed. She’s a likable bad guy, and even though she’s a female character, Capcom didn’t give her the fanservice treatment. She’s fully clothed and not designed to be a sex object like so many other Capcom female characters. Best of all is that she built and commands the adorable little Servebots, little LEGO men-like robots with squeaky voices and innocent demeanors. There are lots of Servebot references in Dead Rising, even in Project X-Zone, Frank West remarks that the Servebots look familiar to him! So even though I’m disappointed that we’ll never get Mega Man Legends 3, I am thankful for Project X-Zone for letting Tron and the Servebots run around on my 3DS anyway.


He’s the hero from the Ghosts N Goblins games. I never liked those games because they were too hard. But Arthur’s attacks are pretty funny in Project X-Zone. He keeps losing his armor and ends up in his underwear. It’s like a running gag. I do wish they’d let Maximo have some of the spotlight, though.


She’s from a game called Cyberbots, a fighting game where people pilot giant robot fighters. Devilot is a spoiled princess girl who has a mean streak and isn’t as innocent as she looks. Most may recognize her from other appearances in games like Puzzle Fighter and Pocket Fighter.


He’s the main character from Rival Schools, a fan favorite 3-D fighter from the Dreamcast days. I know some of the characters in Rival Schools, but I’m not very familiar with them or the games. So one of you can pick out a favorite Rival Schools character for me, OK?


Most of the enemies you fight are from other games, too. There are a lot of recognizable ones from Capcom. You have Nemesis from the Resident Evil titles, Jedah, Lord Raptor, and Q-Bee from Darkstalkers, Seth from Street Fighter, Vile from Mega Man X (Iris also appears, but not as an enemy), Asteroth and Red Arremer from Ghosts N Goblins, and some Reaverbots from the Mega Man Legends games.

Capcom Conclusions

And that’s all the Capcom characters I know in Project X-Zone! In the comments section, let me know which ones are your favorites, and which Capcom characters you’d like to see in the game! Can you guess my favorites? For the final installment of my Project X-Zone blog series, we’ll look at the characters from SEGA next week! Later! –Cary

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