PAX Prime 2013: Day 4: Cosplay Crazies!

EXTRACTIONSo for the final day of PAX, we’ll take a look at the games I saw and played at the last of my meetings, check out some other miscellaneous games and pictures, and conclude with some of my favorite cosplays at the show!


I’m not really a big online PC gamer, or much of a PC gamer at all. But if I were, I’d probably play Nexon’s games first. They make a lot of online games that would interest me, such as Maple Story, Mabinogi, Dragon’s Nest, and Dungeon Fighter (which I heard they recently closed down the servers for, aw, sad day). While their next game may not interest me as much personally, it still looks like a high quality online title. Extraction is a first person shooter with graphics as good as Call of Duty and gameplay that reminds me of Team Fortress 2. Except instead of being class-based, Extraction is more character based, and every character can complete missions on their own. Some of the characters include a lady who is fast on her feet and good with short range rifles and proximity mines, and a medic who can heal teammates. Here’s a picture of some people dressed as characters from the game. I thought they looked pretty cool.


Big Fish Games

In their zombie bunker themed booth, Big Fish Games was showing off an upcoming iPad game called Zombie, Zombie, Zombie. It’s a puzzle game where you tap zombies of the same color to clear them away before they reach the people at the bottom of the screen. At first, it sounds like a zombie puzzler I reviewed on the iPad last year called Containment, but this one actually plays differently enough. When you tap three zombies of the same color, they’ll make a triangle, and any zombies in it will get cleared as well. When the screen gets too full and things get hectic, you can call upon a helicopter air raid or mow down the crowd with a taxi. The game has more of a cartoony style, too, similar to Plants vs. Zombies (maybe a little too similar).

D3 Publisher

They were showing a duo of Cartoon Network favorites. Fans of Adventure Time and Regular Show were always crowded around their booth, so I think they’ll have a couple of big hits this year. The first game I played was Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-bit Land. I actually like the Regular Show cartoon more than Adventure Time personally, so I was more familiar with this game. Their game is a mix of old school 2-D platforming, shooting, and overhead exploration. Play as Mordecai or Rigby, and each one has his own skills. Mordecai can double jump but Rigby can sneak into small spaces. Power-ups include a mullet which gives them the power to shoot Death-Kwon-Do fists. In space, Mordecai can turn into a spaceship for some shooting action, and Rigby gets to explore overhead areas, Zelda style. Their game will be on the 3DS this fall.

The new Adventure Time game is called Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON’T KNOW. Yeah, that’s really the title. This game is like the classic arcade Gauntlet with a bit of Mystery Dungeon thrown in. Up to four players can explore randomly generated dungeons, defeating enemies and nabbing treasure along the way. There are a bunch of characters you can play as, including Finn, Jake, Cinnamon Bun, Ice King, Marceline, and many more that haven’t been revealed yet. Each character has their own skills. Ice King can shoot long distance magic attacks, both he and Marceline can float, and Jake the dog can stretch over pits. This game will be available for 360, and PS3, but the Wii U and 3DS versions will have some sort of BMO interactivity. Since he’s my favorite character, I hope I get to review one of those versions. Best part is that both the new Regular Show and Adventure Time games are being developed by WayForward. They did the previous Adventure Time game, too, which was a lot of fun. D3 also had Earth Defense Force 2025, the latest in their series of 3-D third person shooter man vs. bug B-movie style games.


I didn’t meet with Ubisoft, but they had a large presence at E3 with tons of people playing the new Assassin’s Creed game and Rayman Legends. It was also fun to watch gamers on stage dance with Just Dance 2014.


They were really pushing their new Final Fantasy online game, but I was more interested in the Kingdom Hearts HD remake, which comes out soon and hopefully I’ll get to review.

Fantasia: Music Evolved

Harmonix was on hand to show off their new music game for Xbox One based on the Disney musical classic: Fantasia: Music Evolved. They gave out a bunch of cool freebies including Sorcerer Mickey baseball caps, pins, and more. I was even invited to a party they had the first night of the show, but I didn’t go because after getting up super early to catch out flight up there, I knew I’d be too tired to be up that late at night!

Misc. Pictures 2

OK, now for some more random pictures of PAX stuff. Most of these I had no idea what I was taking a picture of, but I thought it was neat anyway.

Here’s a statue that greeted you as you entered the Convention Center. I’m going to guess and say it’s from League of Legends.


On the other side of the building was this statue. Not sure what game this lady is from. Kind of reminds me of BloodRayne. She looks pretty tough though, with her two blades and whatnot.


Here’s a robot alien thing from X-COM that was kind of neat.


And another robot thing that I thought looked cool. Says it’s from Titanfall, never heard of that one.


This looked like some kind of robotic stegosaurus. Not sure what game it was from, but it was in front of Bethseda’s booth beside the Wolfenstein display. I didn’t think Wolfenstein had robot stegosauruses in it, but hey, what do I know?


One last robot, but this one I actually know who it is. But the only reason why I know this is Claptrap is because of Poker Night 2.



At PAX, many attendees dress up as their favorite video game characters. So to conclude this PAX blog series, we’ll take a look at some of my favorites from the year’s show.

This lady had a really unique take on GlaDOS, the villain from the Portal games. She’s even holding a slice of cake, but it’s probably a lie.


And here’s a guy dressed as Mega Man.


Speaking of Mega Man, I think my favorite cosplay at the show was this lady dressed as Tron Bonne from the Mega Man Legends series. She even had her own little Servebot! Very cool!


I wanted to take more pictures of costumes, but most of the time I was going to my next meeting and couldn’t stop for long. There was a lady with a very good Juri costume from Super Street Fighter 4, but I had a meeting to go to and she looked like she had somewhere to be, so I didn’t stop. Another one was dressed just like Franziska Von Karma from the Phoenix Wright games, but I was too scared to take a picture of her! Fans of the Ace Attorney games would understand! Ha ha!

And that’s all of my PAX Prime 2013 articles! Hope you enjoyed them. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section and I’ll try to answer them. Thanks for reading! Later! –Cary

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