Hallmark 2021 Video Game Christmas Ornaments

Hallmark always has a wide annual selection of new Christmas ornaments and series, and in the past few years they’ve even done video game related ones!  This year they had even MORE than ever (my wallet is still crying), and I got most of them, so I thought I’d share them with you here.


Some ornaments look better hanging on a tree than on the ground, and this is one of them.  When hung on a tree, Caped Mario from Super Mario World looks like he’s flying.  But on the ground here, it looks like he took a right bank in the ground.  But you get the idea.


If you listen to my podcast, you’ll know the SNES is my top favorite game console, so I was glad to see it here.  Like last year’s NES ornament, this one has controllers and cords, and when you press the power button, it plays music and sound effects from Super Mario World.  Very nice!

Mario Kart: Donkey Kong

Considering that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is still the best selling Switch game and Mario Kart Tour is still going strong on mobile after two years, I think we’ll keep seeing Mario Kart ornaments.  This year we get Donkey Kong.  The nice thing about these ornaments is the wheels move and everything.

Mini 8-bit Link and Zelda

Hallmark also sells a lot of miniature ornaments for small tabletop trees.  Last year they did 8-bit Mario and Luigi from Super Mario Bros., and this year they have 8-bit NES Zelda Link and the princess.  The original game is still one of my favorite Zelda titles, so I was glad to see these.  They are teeny tiny, though, and no bigger than a quarter!  Did you know that in the NES game, Zelda only has a red dress if you beat the game with the red ring?  If you beat it with the blue ring, her dress will be blue, too!


Pokémon got some representation here as well, but not with Pikachu, but Charizard instead.  He’s still a pretty popular one, especially with the trading card game crowd I believe.

Sonic & Tails

It’s nice to see that Hallmark had some other video game characters this year, because in the past it seemed like it was all about Mario, Mario, Mario.  And considering that Sonic the Hedgehog is almost as popular as Mario is, it makes sense for him to have an ornament, too.  I’m glad they included Tails in this ornament as well, since Tails is my favorite Sonic character.  Like the Mario ornament, this one looks better hanging on a tree than standing on the ground, but you get the idea.


He’s in his gliding pose holding a ring (maybe a reference to Knuckles Chaotix?).  The cool thing about this ornament is that it was exclusive to the stores for a limited time.  You couldn’t get it online or anything.  So I’m glad I got it.  Knuckles is my brother Jeff’s favorite Sonic character.

Kingdom Hearts Mickey

This was a surprise! I’m sure Kingdom Hearts fans are all over this!  I wonder if they’ll do more Kingdom Hearts ornaments in the future?

There were still some Hallmark video game ornaments I didn’t get, like a Minecraft Enderman one and another of Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat.  Yeah nothing says Christmas like an ornament about a game where you can rip out people’s spines!  I did get a couple of non-video game related ornaments that I thought I’d share here as well.


I’m guessing they’re doing these since the reboot is on Hulu now.  Last year they had one where they were popping out of their tower, and this one is more festive with a wreath.  I got it because you just don’t see Animaniacs stuff anymore, although I was kind of hoping they’d do a Pinky and the Brain ornament this year.


It’s a glittery red and white poop emoji that plays Jingle Bells in farts when you push the button.  So I had to get that.  Maturity is overrated!

Bonus Stage:

Now I’ll conclude with a couple of other Christmas video game themed stuff I got.  First is some Mario wrapping paper found at the dollar store.  I wrote about some Mario wrapping paper before, but this one’s different, with characters in snowman form!

Last year for Christmas I also got a Kirby Christmas Coloring Book.  I don’t think it’s licensed by Nintendo, because all they did was slap some Santa hats on stock Kirby images and put Christmas trees in the background.  So it’s a little weird.  But hey, it’s Kirby so at least that’s something.  Here’s the front of the book.

And here’s the back, so you have an idea of what the pages look like.

And finally, here’s links to past Hallmark Christmas ornament articles I’ve written.  I hope you all have a Merry Christmas, a wonderful holiday season, and a Happy New Year!




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  1. I was hoping for another arcade cabinet this year. I was ready to pick it up day-one at the stores, but they didn’t have one. That SNES was really tempting though. I almost bought that.
    The Kirby coloring book is neat. I like that you’re coloring in characters from the games.

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