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An App for That?

SPARKY (36) ASKS: GamerDad, I noticed you got an iPad – nice rationalization by the way – since I got an Iphone Touch (ed- I assume he/she means iPod Touch) for gaming, mostly, it looks like the iPad would make a great gaming device. I know you like a lot of iPhone apps do they play well on the Pad?


Resident Evil 4

LUCAS (15) – So I’m 15 as of last week and I wanted to get Resident Evil 4 Wii edition I tried to get it last year for my 14th birthday. I used and even showed my mom videos of it on youtube and she was fine with it until we got to the store I almost got it when the store clerk said it was the most bloodiest goriest game on the Wii and i know that’s not true (which i don’t understand why they would do that it just kills sales even the other store member came in to back him up the wierd part was we were talking about it before my mom came in about how fun and great it was)  If you remember Manhunt 2 that was the goriest game for Wii i just want this game. even recommended it for me so i need to know is it fine to let me play this or what. its a really fun game and i want to play it and i have waited 3 years to get it so I need your help.


Just Cause 2

THOM asks: Hi GamerDad,  Any chance you will be reviewing Just Cause 2 soon ?  My son is turning 13 and asking for this one.  I see it may have some sex content and language and violence, but he has already been playing Call of Duty 4 and Battlefield Bad Company 2, so not so worried about the violence.  Honestly it is hard to articulate what worries me about it, but I would rather not have him role playing with too much “F” language, or emphasis on sex themes or drugs. You probably get this all the time, so thanks very much in advance if by any chance you decide you can provide any sort of reply.


Help Wanted? Want to Help? Go ahead, Help Then!

Would you like to write for GamerDad? Sure, you all do. Why not? Lots of game developers, game journalists and VIPs actually read this site (I’m not kidding). This is just an idea mind you but I think it’s a good one.  I’m old. 39 next month and I’m finding it harder and harder to keep up on the newest games with the bipping and the bopping and the hippity-hopping. I don’t think I’m too old to be a gamer, but I’m getting too old to keep up like I used to and should. My kids aren’t old enough to pick up some slack. This is making me much less effective than I’d like to be. And that’s just lame. Cary Woodham does a GREAT job lightening some of the load with his enthusiasm but he’s only one extremely talented guy. Hey, I’ve got some eager adults and teens here right? They buy and rent games, right? Why not let you guys contribute your opinions? Sound good? Well, here’s how we’ll do this then–


A Teen Admits I was Right?

Grand_Theft_Auto_IV-Niko_BellicCONFUSED GAMER WRITES: Hey Gamerdad its Confused Gamer again. When i last talked to you i was 13 and i had been asking why my parents had not let me play GTA 4. I am 15 now and have played through the game and must say how amazing and mature the game was. I used to hate how you told parents that they should not let their kids play it but after playing through it i could not agree more. Though the game is very detailed and immersive, I am glad i waited. I guess i just wanted to say thank you for all your advice and to all you other teen gamers out there trying to get this game, if your parents say wait, wait! It is worth it, trust me.  P.S here is a link to see my most recent question.


Game Store Clerks and Bad Advice

imagesesMATT ASKS: are these people payed to lie? I wanted to get dragon age origins and my mom was with me. when I was about to pay, the clerk said that they are full-frontal nude girls and your character runs arond covered in blood. I said “no it’s not i’ve seen videos on it” but he ignored me and my mom didn’t get the game. To prove him wrong I rented the game and showed my mom she agreed they exagerated… A LOT. the closest to any nudity at all is the desire demon and you run around for 2 minutes with little dots of red on you. We were really angry with the clerk for wasting our time but we didn’t say anything.


Call of Duty World at War

imageviewJacob Writes: hi, my names jacob im 11 and my mum wont let me get call of duty world at war
Nearly all of my mates have it and most of them are 10!!!! they sometimes leave me out because 1 time my friend Felix sed he was gonna play burnout paradise online on the xbox 360 but then my other friend Ed was playing cod so he joined in on that and i couldnt and i felt left out :'(  lol no, but realy i think its not fair at all plz email me bak

And Jacob Writes Again: my mom is realy annoying me she keeps saying no and i realy want it


A Big Media Question

Christopher Asks a BIG Question here: “Closing your mind is where the true immorality and ignorance live.”

How is this statement any different than say, “Opening one’s mind too much can allow true immorality and ignorance to consume healthy awareness”?

Both are opinionated expressions that have no meaning beyond a persons desire to believe in them. A closed mind, like repression, can be unhealthy. But it is also correct that an open mind, like free expression, can be unhealthy as well. How can anyone say with even remote certainty that technology like video games are not affecting most people negatively on some level? It is not possible to measure the correlation between many aspects of behavior and influence. There are far to many variables involved to just shrug off the idea that exposure to such things as video games and movies can be socially unhealthy. One could drown on a boat ride, but I would venture that exposure to the atmosphere in a real world context is always a healthier outlet than exposure to a simulated fantasy created by strangers for (among other thing) your money.


A Question of Advertising/Influence

John writes: “Anyone who says that they aren’t effected by what they view in media, including gaming, is ignorant or fooling themselves. Advertisers know. They pay hundreds of billions of dollars a year to get your viewing time. The money devoted, year after year, to getting in front of your eyes is proof enough that what people see, hear and experience effects their behavior. Parents who buy this stuff for their kids are poor excuses for parents. They should be engaging them in activities that promote their development in a constructive way. They have no regrets though… they are too ignorant to recognize it and lack the morals to guide them”


Good Point

Billy Commented in an Older Post: Even though they failed to use proper grammar the question was still very valid. I have been browsing this site for a few hours now and feel that GamerDad is very conservative. I believe that if you take Gamerdad’s opinion and knock 3 years off then it would be closer to my suggestion. Then again adding an age is not a good way. Children mature at very different rates. What may be suitable for one 10 year old might not be suitable for the another 13-14 year old, Depending on maturity level. It all comes down to the parent’s in my opinion it is there job, to sit down with the child and see if they approve or not. Sites like these give HUGE generalizations.