Hallmark 2023 Video Game Christmas Ornaments

Hallmark always has a wide variety of Christmas ornaments every year, and in the past few years they’ve even had lots of video game themed ones!  I got a bunch of them this year as well, as I always do, so let’s take a look at them!

Cat Mario

Sometimes Hallmark has series of ornaments they do every year, and last year they started with one called Powered Up With Mario.  Last year it was Raccoon Mario, and this year it’s Cat Mario from Super Mario 3-D World.  Sorry I couldn’t get it to stand up very well.  You know how it is with these ornaments sometimes.

Luigi Kart

Every year they also do a Mario Kart ornament, even though it’s technically not part of a series.  So far they’ve done Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Bowser, and this year it’s Luigi.  I wonder when they’ll do Toad?  He’s my favorite Mario character.  But Luigi is second.


I’m glad they’ve started doing Animal Crossing ornaments, since that’s one of my favorite game series.  Last year they did K.K. Slider and he actually sang.  This year is Isabelle of course, but she doesn’t do anything.  She’s wearing her fall/winter outfit and there’s no way she can stand on her own with those stubby little legs, so that’s my finger in the picture holding her up.  There are so many characters in Animal Crossing that they could do this series for decades if they wanted to!


And speaking of series that could go on for decades, here’s a Pokémon one.  I’m glad it’s Snorlax this year because that’s my favorite one.


It wasn’t just Nintendo that got ornaments, though, Sonic’s been getting a few in the past couple of years, and he’s back this year as well. This time he’s curled up in his spin attack pose.  If you stand him on his feet, he looks like he’s just crouching.

SEGA Dreamcast

For the past few years, they’ve also done a game console ornament with sounds and music.  They’ve done the NES, SNES, and Genesis, and this year it’s the SEGA Dreamcast!  I can’t believe how beloved this console is that they made an ornament out of it, especially since that console bombed and caused SEGA to get out of the console making business!  But here we are.  When you press the power button, it plays music and sounds from the Emerald Coast stage of Sonic Adventure.  The VMU screen on the controller lights up, too.  I don’t think the VMU actually had a backlight, did it?  At any rate, at least the ornament comes with batteries.


The biggest surprise for me this year was they did an ornament of Samus in her Power Suit from Metroid!  I think I’ve joked in years past that they’d never do one, even though I think that would be cool.  But they did!


Every year they also do a couple of miniature ornament for smaller, tabletop trees.  This year’s Mario ornament was Toad.  I’m glad he’s here, since that’s my favorite Mario character.  But he’s so small it’s almost criminal!  He’s no bigger than my thumbnail!


There is also a miniature Eevee ornament from Pokémon.  He’s small, too, but at least he’s wearing a bow.

And those are all the video game themed Christmas ornaments I got this year.  They had a few others from games like Fortnite and Minecraft, but I’m not really interested in those games so I didn’t get them.  This was Disney’s 100th anniversary, so they had a ton of Disney ornaments as well, even some obscure ones.  It was really tempting to get the ones based on Robin Hood and Oliver and Company, but I didn’t get them. I spend too much money on these ornaments as it is!  I hope I can afford to keep doing this again in upcoming years.  But there was one last non-video game themed ornament I got, and here it is.


For a few years now, they’ve come out with ornaments based on Animaniacs.  I’ve gotten each one because its one of my favorite cartoon series and you don’t see much merchandise from them.  They’ve done ornaments of them coming out of the tower, inside a Christmas wreath, and even Pinky and the Brain.  And this year it’s just them in the logo.  I wonder if they’ll do any more after this?  I think they’re running out of ideas.

And that’s all for now.  In the comments section, let me know what you think of this year’s ornaments, and let me know what game ornaments you’d like to see.  They’ve done Metroid, so now I’d like to see them do Kirby, Mega Man, and Pac-Man!  Later!

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  1. I was most tempted by Luigi Kart and Dreamcast this year, but I didn’t get either, holding out for another arcade cabinet that never appeared. That Samus is cool though and so is the Animaniacs one.

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